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  • a blue is, uh, is one of a kind museum.

  • It's one of a kind of architecture in the world.

  • It's It's the heart of Paris.

  • You have to spend hours in front of one painting to let your emotions be.

  • Oh, you will see something that you can really relate to.

  • And it's not has nothing to do with your story with your personal story, but it's deeper than that.

  • And that's what art is all about.

  • Being able to visit the louver by yourself.

  • It z one of a kind experience to be able to enjoy any of these paintings by yourself at your own pace at your own rhythm.

  • There is nothing in between you and the art, and it's just it becomes personal.

  • E Paris is the City of Lights City is being through a lot of trauma, but it was bean like that for years on.

  • Actually, what you see in this museum is most off this trauma.

  • It's part of what makes a city what makes a culture you cannot have ah, culture without without drama.

  • There's so many amazing paintings all around you that you wonder why this one she really became famous after she was stolen from this museum.

  • Eso are starting is not just because off the quality of the paintings, but also the history behind it, the myth that surrounds it.

  • It's different.

  • It has a very strong power and feeling.

  • Thio.

  • Take a step, Step back from your life and you look at what other people did.

  • It's a moment for reflection.

a blue is, uh, is one of a kind museum.

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