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  • you just did a zombie movie.

  • Not long ago, he did a zombie movie.

  • And, uh, I was wondering we had the cast of the walking dead here a couple days ago and I was asking them what they would do in a zombie apocalypse.

  • And it seems to be something that a lot of us these days think about because zombies have become so popular.

  • Did you think about that when you're seeing that movie, what you would do in a zombie apocalypse?

  • Um, no, I didn't.

  • But the next question uh, it's kidding.

  • I thought I've thought about it a lot.

  • And I was telling someone the other day that I'm always prepared in any kind of apocalypse situation, not just zombies, but I have, like, a whole thing.

  • Like I sleep with a dagger at by my side.

  • Don't you Really?

  • What do you mean?

  • You have a dagger?

  • Where?

  • Where is the dagger?

  • It's not in the bed tonight, sand.

  • And every week I do a shanking drill where I I'm asleep.

  • I imagine, like a zombie or ah, murderer or whoever is coming to get me and and then I, like, have a move.

  • Where I like, quickly slide it under the blanket and then I just shank up whoever hovering over me about to kill me.

  • That seems incredibly dangerous.

  • You know?

  • What if someone staying over at the house What if your boyfriend's leaning over for a kiss and you've got that motion?

  • You enter my room at your own risk.

  • Okay.

  • Do you always have You have weapons nearby at all times.

  • I have a dagger.

  • I also like to surround myself with people with skills that could be useful.

  • Um, that's something I always keep in mind.

  • Like friends or boyfriends or whatever.

  • You want them to have useful skills.

  • If there's an apocalypse kind.

  • Like what?

  • For example, like my current boyfriend?

  • When we first started dating, I gave him helicopter lessons, flying lessons for his birthday.

  • He never showed an interest in flying, but I just gave them to him.

  • In case like the world has gone to shit and we need thio fly away.

  • So I was like, I need to be with someone that can operate a helicopter.

  • First of all, why don't you take the helicopter lesson?

  • Because I'm in charge of weapons and ammo.

  • I okay.

  • And then I would steal the helicopter, and then he would He would take it.

  • So, first of all, you don't have a cop, So you've got to get to a helicopter, and you gotta hope the keys are in it.

  • A little one?

  • Yeah.

  • Is he good enough then?

  • And you can't end a day.

  • Learned to fly a helicopter you can on.

  • It's not even that much money.

  • Well, no, you cannot.

  • I'm telling you, you cannot learn.

  • You can't.

  • He's good at flying a helicopter after they did it because he was scared.

  • But I'll get someone to do it.

  • I just have to have someone that knows how to fly.

  • I'll take lessons.

  • I e learn how to fly.

  • You know that.

  • You know you can always count on me, huh?

  • Alright.

  • Jesus.

  • Mhm.

  • What was that look about?

  • I just offered to save your life by flying.

  • And you did way.

  • I felt terrible now.

  • No, I marry me.

  • Oh, yeah.

you just did a zombie movie.

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