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  • Transcriber: TED Translators Admin Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs

  • Why act now?

  • The best time to act was yesterday.

  • The second best time is today.

  • Every year that we don't reduce emissions

  • represents another 55 gigatons of greenhouse gases

  • that future generations will have to scrub out of the air.

  • That would cost 8 trillion dollars a year,

  • almost half the entire US economy today.

  • And that price doesn't include the cost of people forced to move,

  • the natural world transformed and lives lost.

  • It's much cheaper to develop new technologies

  • that don't emit carbon dioxide

  • than to capture carbon dioxide that we've already emitted.

  • Every ton of carbon dioxide we emit now imposes a burden on us and the planet,

  • but also a debt that would have to be paid by our children

  • and untold generations to come.

  • The sooner we start fixing this, the easier it'll be.

  • So do what you can where you can.

  • Vote, change your diet and your commute,

  • organize, plant trees, advocate for ideas,

  • advocate for science

  • and most importantly, advocate for action today.

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Transcriber: TED Translators Admin Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs

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