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  • I am not sure who I'm voting for yet.

  • I'm gonna vote for Biden.

  • I'm voting for Donald Trump.

  • E would like to totally disagree with that.

  • I mean, I dio I'd have to disagree, and it was very flat line.

  • I don't really feel that either candidate, if somebody that I really want to support and really want to get behind, I'm voting for Biden because I think he stands for everything that Trump doesn't.

  • He is a man of honest honesty, integrity, and he's not corrupt.

  • I am a Democrat, but I don't.

  • I want someone who could be hijacked by either party, and I don't think he will.

  • I saw the benefits from the Trump plan with respect to his tax cuts.

  • One of the specific issues was a qualified business income deduction that was specifically designed as a deduction for small businesses.

  • Like to see it continue.

  • Can you Can you tell me exactly what Trump did Thio make the economy so great?

  • Well, that was easy.

  • I mentioned it in my my appointment, and I think he's exactly someone that we need right now that could bring America together.

  • Health care was a very personal issue for me, Obama care.

  • It really hurt me.

  • He's arrogant and rude.

  • He is kind of an embarrassment thio our country.

  • At times.

  • I think that he dismisses some actual scientific claims.

  • He ignores environmental concerns.

  • There's a big polarization in this country, and while I don't think that it's completely his fault, having him in office does contribute to that.

  • He's almost like a puppet.

  • I don't really know who will be running the country if he's in charge.

  • I do not like his economic plans, and I think it's more than just about money.

  • I think that there's a big domino effect when the economy comes into play, and that scares me with his health care, with his taxes in my lifetime and even modern history, I don't think our country has been any more polarized.

  • As divided as it has been, our leader can't even have a non argument or conversation As soon as someone disagrees with them.

  • He calls him stupid, them stupid and ignorant and ah, monster.

  • I mean, how is it that we can vote for someone to represent us who talks that way?

  • To me, that's just unconscionable Vote.

  • I think that That's the most important thing.

  • Whoever you vote for two please vote.

  • If you look at his economic plan that he actually got to start the economy from where we had it stagnating, got it to where it was, which you acknowledged was doing very well prior to coronavirus.

  • That in and of itself is reason.

  • But one other thing I would like to point out is look at his actions versus his words.

  • I agree a lot of the things that he says I don't support.

  • In fact, I don't believe he should be on Twitter.

  • I think there's a lot of people who are tourney.

  • I mean, of course I talked to people and I just don't know that either candidate is really is really reaching us.

  • But I do feel like I said in the beginning that it is my duty as an American to vote, and even if I don't like the candidates, I'm still going.

I am not sure who I'm voting for yet.

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Biden or Trump? Persuading an undecided voter - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/30
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