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  • I'm Mira, royal detective, and we're on the case.

  • We're on the case, we're on the case

  • I spy with my magnifying glass

  • something shining in the darkness.

  • - Ooh, look! - Ooh! It's many bright lights.

  • A-ha! And look at the design made out of colored sand,

  • - and all those yummy foods! - Check this out.

  • Special candles, decorations, foods?

  • - It can only mean... - ♪ It's Diwali

  • Diwali is one of the biggest holidays in India.

  • Clean the house and decorate

  • Brand-new clothes to celebrate

  • Diwali takes place on the darkest day of the year.

  • And we turn it into a festival of lights!

  • For five days, Diwali is celebrated

  • with lighting oil lamps called dyas.

  • These dyas are all ready to be lit for tonight.

  • Beautiful designs are created

  • with colorful sand called rangoli.

  • Bringing together our family and friends

  • Special meals are prepared.

  • It wouldn't be Diwali without laddus.

  • And gifts are given to honor family and friends.

  • It's wonderful, Papa! Thank you!

  • Plus fireworks to light up the night sky.

  • There are so many amazing things about Diwali.

  • Dancing and singing, we'll light the lights again

  • It's everyone, it's everywhere, it's here

  • - It's finally here! - ♪ Diwali

  • We've just solved the case

  • of this most important Indian holiday

  • celebrating new beginnings, family, friends,

  • and all the good things in life-- Diwali.

  • Announcer: Come and solve more cases

  • with "Mira, Royal Detective" on Disney Junior.

  • We're on the case

I'm Mira, royal detective, and we're on the case.

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