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Hey this is Nathan with Analog Reviews and today we're having a look at Metal Gear Rising:
Revengeance. The game is a collaborative effort between Hideo Kojima and Platinum Games, with
Kojima handling the story while Platinum Games is in charge of the combat and overall gameplay.
The game is set four years after Metal Gear Solid 4 and you assume the role of the cyborg,
Raiden who has developed more as a character and is quite a bit more likeable since his
initial appearance in Metal Gear Solid 2. Revengeance strays away from the typical stealth
game that Metal Gear is known for and instead plays like a 3d hack and slash, similar to
Devil May Cry and God of War.
The story begins with Raiden, now a member of the private military corporation by the
name of Maverick. Maverick is made up of members from multiple backgrounds with varying areas
of expertise. They all offer their aid to Raiden during the mission and are usually
available to call with the codec. Maverick’s latest mission has them assigned as a protective
detail for Prime Minister N'mani, a man in charge of an unnamed African nation. The nation
is on the road to peace and just when everything seems to be fine, N'mani's car is attacked.
Raiden is then forced into a chaotic situation where he battles through cyborgs along with
a Metal Gear while he attempts to save the Prime Minister. Raiden ultimately fails in
his mission, overcome with guilt; he decides to set out on a path of revenge where he travels
the world, visiting multiple distinct and varied locations while trying to hunt down
a rival PMC by the name of Desperado. The story doesn’t take itself too seriously
unlike other Metal Gear games, while not overly immersive; it can be somewhat humorous and entertaining.
The majority of the story is told through the numerous cutscenes as well as codec calls.
The codec calls while optional, are quite lengthy, providing tons of additional backstory
in terms of the characters and mission. A lot of the codec calls go into a little too
much detail however, as a lot of the extra information doesn't contribute much to benefit
the story or elaborate on the mission.
The highlight of Revengeance is the combat, featuring lightning fast attacks as well as
the new ability to aim your strikes, allowing you to cut anywhere. Kojima and Platinum Games
have done something new and innovative with this mechanic, allowing you to slice exactly
where you aim. The enemies and objects react to your swings, allowing you to literally
slice a car into a hundred pieces. If you’re like me, you’ll often go out of your way
to chop up the various objects in the environment. While at first glance, this feature does feel
a little bit gimmicky, it works well and is a welcomed addition to the game. The combat
itself is great, featuring multiple secondary weapons as well as plenty of unlockable moves
and abilities. The combat is among the best the genre has seen thus far, you can quickly
swap between your weapons on the fly, integrating them into lighting fast fluid combos. The
game takes a different approach to defensive maneuvers to what we’re accustomed to from
other Platinum Games. The majority of the time, you’ll be parrying opposed to dodging,
allowing you to keep up the pressure while remaining on the offensive.
The majority of the enemies you encounter are cyborgs or larger unmanned gears, while
the enemies are fun to fight; they lack variety when compared to some other games of the genre.
Revengeance more than makes up for this by including amazing boss fights. The bosses
are lengthy, challenging and will most definitely hold your interest as the majority of the
bosses have multiple stages. While I’m not trying to spoil anything, I’m going to go
ahead and say that the final boss is absolutely amazing.
The graphics in Revengeance are great considering the age of the current consoles; many of the
cutscenes come to life with the help of the animations and voice actors. Unfortunately,
you can find the odd low-res texture if you look hard enough.
The music in Revengeance is decent, and the game features a varied soundtrack with all
of the music serving their purpose; to build adrenaline during the high paced action scenes.
Unfortunately, the music just isn't up to par when compared to Harry Gregson William's
soundtracks for the earlier Metal Gear games.
The game in itself is quite short, clocking in at around 5 or 6 hours. Although the game
does feature multiple unlockable terminals which add additional VR missions to the game,
it still doesn't offer much in terms of exploration as you will constantly hit walls and blue
boundaries, making the game feel very linear. The game does have the odd optional objective,
but it's in no way comparable to what one would expect from a Devil May Cry title.
The unlockable VR missions do offer more content and they mainly consist of completing various
objectives while constraining to a time limit. The missions will have you dispatching enemies
in various ways, such as eliminating enemies stealthily or with specific attacks. While
other missions will have you race to a checkpoint as quickly as possible. The VR missions are
fun, but they aren't enough of a substitute for the game's short campaign.
Ultimately, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a fun game and it's worth playing if you're
a fan of either Metal Gear or “hack and slash” titles but the overall lack of content
prevents the game from achieving greatness. Although the VR missions add to the experience,
and the amount of content included in the codec calls numbers in the hours, having a
much more open world to explore along with a longer campaign, could have propelled this
game among the best of the genre.
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Analog Reviews: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

2514 Folder Collection
蕭胖 published on June 13, 2014
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