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  • Welcome back, everybody.

  • And now performing the title track from his album Hey, Clock face with Gian Battista.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis Costello!

  • Hey, Clothe!

  • Keep your fingers on the dial You stole those precious moments and the kisses from her smile and I were living in these way Hey, God!

  • Things e really wanna know Why is it when we were about you always take it slow And when Jeezy you always say it's almost time to go You said you'll be a friend to me But time is just my enemy and it is hurting me So the moon comes through the window shining, crashing Lee am bright The sun rose around again If I could turn your face back before all of this started 40 minutes.

  • Best for when her she could.

  • She parted 40 minutes, best for in the favors am she wound up in his arms and not the man that I am.

  • The spring that has sprung cooker birthday, that song.

  • Now there's a kneeling a male while where you face once hung a clock things Now I don't feel a thing.

  • You stole a with heart and me and then remove my spring wind and mechanism shot The movement is unwound Don't take a taco Didn't make a sound a clock face Don't you ever dare count me down his euro Our evening waiting there a minute from departure I will twist your key on Have a comeback thio me have a comeback Thio, How can you face me after what I've been through after you broke that?

  • How can you fish me now?

  • How can you fish me out?

  • How can you fast me now?

  • Okay.

  • Yeah.

  • Thank you, Elvis.

  • Thank you, John.

  • Check out another song from them as well as other great performances in our play at home.

  • Siri's online at Colbert late show dot com We'll be right back.

  • Yeah.

Welcome back, everybody.

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Elvis Costello "Hey Clockface / How Can You Face Me" feat. Jon Batiste

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