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  • We're not on the rocks or on the fucking edge of a cliff.

  • I'm not gonna lie.

  • Sometimes when we talk, it's like trying to read Harold Cliffs.

  • I'm tired of screaming and crying, Caught in the throes of the storm.

  • The lines on your face look warn, How did we get so tourney?

  • Are you happy?

  • You asking?

  • I know what you're asking is if we should call it quits.

  • E don't have the answers at all and all I know what to say in response is I don't want to give up on this, but dont e I got drunk again, didn't I?

  • Fuck your mad and I don't know why.

  • What did I say or do wrong this time?

  • Was I so out of line?

  • You can't leave it behind.

  • No, you're right.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Can we start over?

  • Do it again when I'm sober.

  • Take a slow We're here, baby.

  • Come closer.

  • No, don't walk away.

  • Stay.

  • I won't get angry again.

  • Hey, I don't deserve to be treated this way.

  • A couple of drinks after Russia Date is normal yet I got so who cares?

  • Maybe I drink less if you were there.

  • It's not fair Even when you hear your somewhere else.

  • I'm just looking for help because even with you, I feel like I'm all by myself.

  • But e change your mind on a dime.

  • Thought you said you would actually try.

  • Gave up and ran off without a good pie.

  • Merry Christmas.

  • Have a nice life.

  • No, we can never be friends.

  • I thought you weren't my fucking person.

  • Don't tell me how much it hurts you to break me.

  • This whole time you've been fake and said when we got really you won't leave.

  • You'd stand by me.

  • Didn't wanna be a coward like your dad.

  • But you should envy your old man.

  • He fears the world because he loves what he has.

  • You're so afraid of love.

  • It doesn't stand a chance.

We're not on the rocks or on the fucking edge of a cliff.

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Anna Akana - Let Me Go (Official Music Video)

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