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  • we explain how cities create value through smart networking.

  • More and more people are moving from the country to cities.

  • Municipalities provide residents with the prerequisites for attractive housing, working and living conditions.

  • And businesses also play a role in cities and municipalities.

  • An urban value creation system emerges, the increasing digitalization of labor and residents.

  • Lifestyles has an impact on that system.

  • The same holds for Hank Pink is a garbage man.

  • He drives his garbage truck along his route.

  • He knows exactly where the full trash cans are, so he only drives up to those trash cans and empties them.

  • Al Hank has a tablet with an app installed on it, showing where the full trash cans are, so he only needs to stop it.

  • Those the trash cans are equipped with sensors.

  • These send a signal to the app on his tablet.

  • The signals tell Hank how full the trash cans are when they are completely full.

  • Their locations light up on his tablet showing where he should drive.

  • This results in a dynamic driving route.

  • The same map gives Hank another piece of information, telling him to drive to a particular waste processing center.

  • The center needs input that is raw materials this way.

  • Demand and supply are matched right away, but Hank in his company aren't the only ones to benefit from cities.

  • Smart networking.

  • It also creates new areas of opportunity for innovative services.

  • With new services.

  • Traffic and environmental data can be provided in order to keep the air clean or reroute the city's traffic.

  • Shopping is becoming more attractive, thanks to combined offers on a nap.

  • Ah, customer can see what deals and discounts are available nearby.

  • That's how smart network services helped prepare cities for the future and ensure that their re sources are used more effectively, and that's very beneficial for both people and the environment.

we explain how cities create value through smart networking.

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