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  • Bill Belichick do what he wants to.

  • I'm not gonna presume to tell Bill Belichick about anything that regards football.

  • I will say this.

  • First of all, let me say I think right now all precincts are reporting and I just Oh, you around the golf somewhere on taking Bill and Cam over, you know, top obey, I I concede, even even though we got hours and hours to go weeks and weeks, I concede.

  • Okay, So to see Bill Belichick go over and tap Cam on the thigh and say, I'm going, I'm going to the pen.

  • That's you know, that's not something we imagine.

  • Tony two years ago or five years ago, even if we said hey, Ah, 31 or 32 year old Cam Newton, he's gonna be with Bill Belichick.

  • We still wouldn't have imagined Belichick going to camp to say, just sort of have a seat.

  • We're going with the kid.

  • We're going with the kid that no one knows out of the bullpen, that sort of jarring, and it looks like him doesn't have it.

  • You and I talked when this was going on.

  • I hate to admit it looks like him doesn't have it, but it looks like he doesn't have it.

  • And he might not be able to get it back.

  • So I really thought the Patriots were gonna win this game.

  • Really?

  • Thought the week of practice would make all the difference in the world.

  • Cam Newton threw three interceptions completed, I believe nine passes for under 100 yards, Mike.

  • He misses guys by a lot.

  • He misses guys deep and he misses guys short.

  • Um, look, I it's the first time that the Patriots or two games under 500 since 2001.

  • Tom Brady is in that mix from 2001 on.

  • Obviously, ice can still see them finding a path toe win the division because they've got Miami one more time.

  • They got that twice.

  • They got buffalo twice.

  • So they So they have that they have that chance.

  • But if you look right now at Tampa Bay and my bet Yes, my bet against you.

  • Look, your bets, your bets cover.

  • Yeah, but so what?

  • Tony?

  • It's not just the Cam Newton part.

  • The rest of the Patriots don't look any good either.

  • They don't look like they have players.

  • And so maybe this was a rebuilding year like we are unaccustomed to saying the words rebuilding Patriots, Belichick.

  • They don't even say that, but it really looks like it looks like they're not any good.

  • The other way that seems fair right now.

  • Right now we'll take away is that Brady jumped ship at the right time.

  • Brady knew did what he does, usually yellow chicks pushing.

  • This time, Brady pushed off and said, I'm out of here.

  • But if you go on the road and you win, I think you are slightly the better team.

  • The Steelers were favored by two.

  • They covered.

  • They won by three.

  • Now the Gostkowski things.

  • So we bring in another former Patriot.

  • The Gostkowski thing is important because it's a 45 yard field goal.

  • You're supposed to make those you're supposed to go toe over time.

  • He is 10 of 16 this year, which isn't good, I believe.

  • In Game one.

  • He missed three.

  • He finally had the game winner real late in the game.

  • But it may be that he's on that squad just because he and Rabel were teammates together at some time.

  • You know, I mean, I'll give it to Pittsburgh by a small margin, but Tennessee was Pittsburgh's equal.

  • I think that's fair, Tony.

  • They were the equal.

  • But as we know as I painfully no bad field goal kicking, that makes a big difference.

  • The margin of victory in terms of the score might not be great, but you gotta kick or pushing them right six times out.

  • If he pushed all six of them wide right, but missing those six kicks?

  • Tony, he's got out there attempting 60 yarders.

  • So I mean, yeah, the Steelers are better because they want a game on the road when the other teams kicker couldn't make a make a ball kick.

  • That makes them better field goal kicking counts.

  • And so, yeah, I can look at the Steelers now, and I say, Wow, you know, Tony, we look at what the league is without, You know, Andrew Luck and who knows where Cam is going and these guys ought to be in the prime of their careers.

  • And Ben Roethlisberger is like six or seven years older than those two guys, and he's still going, you know, Ben Roethlisberger.

  • As you know, I felt this way all of his career.

  • He never gets the praise that other people get and that he has earned, in my opinion.

  • So I know the Steelers haven't been great for a few years, but they look great now.

  • I would point out that in that comparison that we had that would you take Tannehill or Ben and you took Ben and I took Tannehill.

  • Been through three picks, he threw a bad pick up the end of the game to try to fit it in in the end zone to receiver, who had three blue jerseys around him was batted up in the air.

  • It was retrieved and it almost lead toe a tie.

  • And then, over time, I will say this about the Steelers, though.

  • If you go to Tennessee and you win and the next week you go to Baltimore.

  • If you win that game, E well, even when all of that.

  • But I think a lot because after that, Mike after that, is a veritable all you can eat buffet after that or the Cowboys, the Bengals and the Jaguars.

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Bill Belichick do what he wants to.

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