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  • Hello.

  • I am Michael McIntyre On My Net flicks.

  • Special.

  • Michael McIntyre, Showman or showman?

  • Whatever you want, it's available now worldwide, so if you live on the world, it's available to you.

  • I am in the late, late Show Virtual Green Room, which very heavily resembles my own house.

  • And I am here to solve British problems from Reddit, apparently because I've been asked to do that.

  • So come on, whatever are these problems and I'll start handling them and solving the so trying to work out if the country select box on the website is Britain, Great Britain, England or the United Kingdom?

  • Uh, very, very good question.

  • Yes, The problem is, I live in a place which has many, many names.

  • So what you do is you click on the country's select, which is alphabetical.

  • So you're probably looking for the United States of America, which is away.

  • So that's the scrolling things.

  • So there's a lot of scrolling that has to be done, what we have to You have to pay attention all with you, so you have to pay attention for England.

  • That's the first one in the alphabet, and then if it's not that it's going to be great Britain.

  • And if it's not, you naturally assume that it's the United Kingdom, which means you have to head a little the way down to the U.

  • S.

  • A.

  • And Uzbekistan and Ukraine and whatever else is down there.

  • But often what happens incredibly frustratingly.

  • You realize that actually, they kind of had an inkling you were there anyway in England, and they left it at the top and its own middle section, which means you have to scroll all the way back to the top, which is an incredible, unnecessary work out for your index finger, which is why British people tend to have a more muscular index finger than all nations from you see that?

  • What a hunk!

  • Next question someone in the office keeps typing tar much Lee instead of for thank you.

  • But I want to start doing cart wheels down the stairs.

  • Is doing cartwheels down the stairs.

  • A negative thing.

  • It's just that the expression cart was down the stairs.

  • If you want to throw yourself down the stairs and I understand that, that would probably give you quite a lot of pain because you're so frustrated with this tar much the situation.

  • But if you were actually able to cartwheel down a flight of stairs, I feel like we should just forget the question.

  • And you should immediately our upload video footage to YouTube because that is an extraordinary skill.

  • In fact, I am so grateful for you offering up this wonderful sight to my mind of you coming downstairs that all I can say is Tom Atchley, and the last few days my daughter has used the words maam Jell O and Fanny Pack.

  • I'm sorry I have failed if you're American than the easel.

  • Makes sense, of course, because the mom eyes Mom.

  • But Mom is fine.

  • Mom.

  • Mom, I think it's quite endearing, actually.

  • Mom, my jello is jelly.

  • That's just either one is fine.

  • I have no objections that I don't think you failed where I think you have failed this this fanny pack thing, because Fannie, it's just it's an uncomfortable word.

  • It's uncomfortable to say it obviously means two different things, depending on where you are and as soon as you go across the Atlantic, don't really want to be saying funny very much at all.

  • We call it a bum bum bag.

  • Just to give you a clue is the mistake we're making is that if it were to be a funny fact, that might be actually in front of you.

  • And you would have to be female.

  • Yeah.


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Michael McIntyre Solves r/BritishProblems

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