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  • Yvon, I'll meet you on the path.

  • Keep a close eye on him.

  • ELISHA COOKE: You've encountered Mr. Cross.

  • HAMISH GOAMES: I have.


  • What did he have to say for himself?

  • HAMISH GOAMES: Riddles.

  • He's not the same man I knew.

  • Well that's a fortunate outcome at least.

  • Not for my sister.

  • It's natural that a place like this should transform a man.

  • I find myself anew in the silver of the mirror every morning.

  • Now, I take it you spoke to Captain Wale in Quebec City.

  • This is Mr. Charles Duquet.

  • You may speak freely in front of him.

  • [horse whinnying]

  • [inaudible], good to meet you.

  • I did not come here for tea, and I

  • prefer molasses, not honey.

  • Captain Wale did confirm your ties to the company.

  • Well, you see, I am a man who speaks plainly.

  • We found Lafarge's boy.

  • ELISHA COOKE: Now that is a relief.

  • Well, it would be, if he were still alive.

  • We found him dead, by the river.

  • A shame.

  • His mother will be brought to her knees.

  • The boy's death is on your ledger.

  • ELISHA COOKE: No, Mr. Goames.

  • You're mistaken.

  • I have orders from Captain Wale

  • to form a partnership with you.

  • And though I find it disagreeable,

  • I am a company man, and an order is an order after all.

  • But I but a simple barrel-maker.

  • My position within these walls hinges on the good graces

  • of [inaudible].

  • You see my time in the fiddle afforded

  • me some much needed reflection.

  • I am keeping my beard low to the ground,

  • and as such, I would point you in the direction

  • of a Mr. Bill Selby.

  • He's out there, forming alliances.

  • Perhaps your Mr. Cross knows of his whereabouts.

  • Good day.

  • I handled the boy.

  • And left the body for only passing fool to find.

  • Better it look like an accident.

  • It was an accident, Charles.

  • I see it in your eyes.

  • It was sloppy work.

  • I should dissolve our partnership.

  • That would be an unfortunate decision.

  • It's my decision to make!

  • Before you make it, I would like

  • to know why you neglected to tell the Hudson's

  • Bay men about the pistols.

  • What pistols are you referring to?

  • If I were going to betray you, I already would have.

  • When I found that letter on your desk,

  • I gleamed a lot about your arrangement to supply guns

  • to the Hudson's Bay Company.

  • But I must confess, I am still curious on a couple of points.

  • It seems I misjudged you.

  • Where are the pistols?

  • I don't know.

  • They were to arm the Iroquois so that they could

  • use them against the French.

  • I know not what they were intended for.

  • I traded for them, took my profit.

  • That's the end of the story.

  • Good, good.


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Where are the Pistols? | Barkskins

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