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  • Yes.

  • Okay.

  • Welcome to the demon realm of Mackay, a dimension inhabited by powerful beings known as dark stalkers.

  • Basically, your classic Hollywood movie monsters mixed with enemy powers.

  • McKee is ruled by several noble clans, including the crew.

  • It's, ah, family of beasts like werewolves, including one prominent member, Barabbas, the Wolf Lord who had a son named Gallon, which means a hungry wolf.

  • Really thinking outside the box with that one, huh?

  • Perhaps he prefer his English name, John Tal Bain.

  • Yeah, but his dad is named a freaking wolf Lord.

  • That's so awesome.

  • It almost makes me forget he's a total deadbeat, just like my dad.

  • Did I say that out loud?

  • Things got worse.

  • One of the Wolf Lord's enemies, the demon Jetta, sent an assassin to kill John's mother Dick.

  • Move.

  • Moms are off limits now aware Wolf and an orphan John grew up pretty pissed off just about everything.

  • Especially the humans that hunted him When he transformed in the light of a full moon, John can't help but embrace his crews heritage.

  • And under a red blood moon, he risks losing all sense of self and becoming a ravenous beast.

  • John story was about the same as any werewolves until he happened upon a man who was also half monster and who defeated John in combat with martial arts.

  • Hell, yeah, I keep telling people the only way to sell violence is with a good pair of nunchucks.

  • John's new friend did not offer violence, but control seeing little other option, John accepted a life with his new sensor.

  • Well, we don't know for sure what finding style he was trained in.

  • Based on the time period location and its stance, we could guess that he was learning.

  • Showed a con karate inspired by Bushido and Zen Buddhism showed a Kanakaredes focuses on controlled calm, a strong defense and a rejection of unnecessary violence.

  • Basically the exact opposite of being aware.

  • Wolf well signed me up for his doggie dojo because I have no idea how all that Zen stuff translates to moves like his climb chaser and wild circular rejection of unnecessary violence.

  • My ass.

  • This dude's just showing up by embracing his werewolf speed, Johnson bash foes with his Munchak who and move so fast he appears to be in two places at once and by tapping into his inner energy you know, key John can perform the beast cannon and rocket around the room like a doggy meteor of pain.

  • But that's nothing compared to the almighty Dragon cannon.

  • Oh, yeah?

  • Where can I go?

  • Back to Genetic experimenting with animals.

  • Do you wanna be a werewolf?

  • Nope.

  • Want to teach Mr Snappy how to shoot fire?

  • That actually sounds pretty interesting.

  • I'm on board.

  • Great.

  • Great, Great.

  • I'll just need to regain access to the closet with the gasoline and lighters, please.

  • Nope.

  • You lost that privilege for a damn good reason.

  • And you know it.

  • Come back next week for the full episode of Saber Wolf versus John Tal Bane.


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