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  • -Guys, the pandemic is spiking,

  • so it's still very important to wear a mask when you go outside,

  • but there are a lot of guys out there who don't wear masks

  • because they think it makes them look weak.

  • Well, I saw a commercial for a store

  • that can help those guys out,

  • and they're actually having a special Halloween sale.

  • Check this out.

  • -Are you a big veiny meat man who wants to look tough

  • while wearing your COVID safety mask

  • and you also like Halloween?!

  • Well, muchacho, your prayers have been answered, hombre!

  • Hi! I'm Lee Durango, owner of Masculine Man Masks,

  • the number-one store that sells masks

  • with badass designs for tough and often scary men!

  • You know Halloween used to be the only time of year

  • you could whip out a badass mask,

  • but now we have to wear a mask every day!

  • That doesn't mean you can't make yours scary

  • and messed the heck up!

  • I have masks like Dracula

  • drinking a peanut butter protein shake!

  • A Jack-o'-lantern with a Tapout logo!

  • Frankenstein getting his crossfit gym membership

  • revoked because he got too yoked!

  • And a bunch of bugs and bug guts are on your mouth

  • because you're, like, some bug-eating villain or something!

  • Not sure if that's a Halloween thing or not,

  • but I have 500 of those mother [bleep]

  • [ Laughter ]

  • But what if you're a really Jacked-up guy

  • who's extra twisted,

  • and you don't want just any old scary mask?!

  • You want one that, when mommies see you walking down the street,

  • they cover their sonnies' and daughties' eyes?!

  • Well, brother, I got you!

  • 'Cause I'll show you the scariest masks on Earth!

  • But make sure no children or puppies are watching,

  • 'cause these masks will give them permanent nightmares!

  • We have a guy's mouth that has Chucky hiding inside of it!

  • A werewolf who has a bunch of food stuck in his teeth!

  • And the scariest mask of all,

  • your wife asking you, "What are you thinking about?"

  • [ Woman screams ]

  • So, come on down to Masculine Man Masks,

  • the only way to make your mouth as badass

  • as my Papa Roach cover band, Uncle Head Lice!

  • -Masculine Man Masks Halloween sale is located

  • next to the steroid-injected pumpkin patch

  • and the haunted ATV dealership.

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

-Guys, the pandemic is spiking,

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Masculine Man Masks Commercial: Special Halloween Sale

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/28
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