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Hello folks. This is Pastor Mike Hoggard
coming to you from Studio 2012 with another Watchman Video Broadcast.
Well, I used to really love to read these things. Comic books,
I had quite a collection of them when I was a young man.
Ah, this was actually part of my collection, "Son of Satan".
I went to church and read things like this.
I remember there was an ad,
oh let's see here. The X-ray spectacles, I always wanted a pair of those.
Ah, the, ah, I wanted to have the Charles
Atlas body. But there was one particular ad in
comic books that I had, a full page ad, it was called
the "Magic Power of Witchcraft".
And for, I don't remember how much it was, maybe a dollar, you could
send in and get this book. The advertisement read,
"So simple, a child could do it.", and I am going, that is me!
I can do witchcraft. I can make magic spells and make things
happen and things like that. Two problems.
Two problems into this at a young age. Now remember, I am going to church
when I want to order this book. Ah, two problems. Number one,
I never really had a dollar. They were kind of hard to come by.
Ah, and number two, I never could think of a way
to order the thing and have it mailed to my house
without my mom finding out about it.
She had gotten saved and got us kids
in church and we were going to this church, actually, a good
fundamental, Bible-preaching church and
I knew that Mom would not, if she saw that, there
was no way in the world she was going to let me have that book because
I grew up, that witchcraft and the church
doesn't mix. They are not supposed to go together. You are not supposed
to practice witchcraft or be a witch or have
a spirit of witchcraft in your Bible-believing church.
That is the way I used to think. I still think that way,
now. So I quit reading Son of Satan comic books
and watching a lot of movies and things like that. I quit doing
that, ah, I haven't read, and picked up "The Lord of the Rings"
since I was in high school. A lot of things that I have walked away from and said
you know, they are not really, I can't really reconcile this
with the scriptures and I can't, I can't as a pastor
condone witchcraft or witchcraft
style practices or ideas or beliefs or pinciples.
I cannot incorporate that into the scriptures.
Ah, and so it amazes me, it shocks me,
as I am putting this together, it just is amazing
me, how much witchcraft and I mean like
the real witchcraft, not just kid stuff out of a magazine,
I mean the real witchcraft. You say, I don't believe in that. That is like TV shows and kid shows and stuff like that.
Well, you should, you should believe in it
because the Bible expressly forbids
witchcraft and it evens mentions it in Paul's letters.
Let me show you Galatians, chapter 3, verse 1. "O foolish Galatians,
who hath bewitched you,
that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ
hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?"
Paul used this phrase, "bewitched you" like somebody
in that congregation had cast a spell,
had a witchcraft influence over those people in that church.
If you don't know really what the whole book of Galatians is all about,
the Book of Galatians was about people in the church teaching
other people in the church that you are really not
totally saved by just grace, alone.
You have to perform things. You have to do things. You have to have rituals
done on you, like circumcision and you have to keep the law
in order to really, really, really be saved. I mean, you might say, yeah Jesus
come out of my heart. That might be okay down here
but if you really want to get to the upper levels with God,
then you have to perform rituals and have things done
and you have to do things in order to really be saved. And Paul said
that is witchcraft and these people have
bewitched you and now you are mingling witchcraft
into your church services, "O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you,
that you should not obey the truth". You see Paul is saying that it
starts contradiction. I will just use my little comic book here.
I always like to contrast things. Here is the truth of the Word of God.
The King James Bible. Here is witchcraft
and Paul said you believe this (indicating comic book),
instead of believing this (indicating King James Bible) and they don't belong together.
Witchcraft does not belong in the church and
so for years, I have had a fascination, and I will be honest with you,
partly due to a desire to want to practice witchcraft,
or wizardry or sorcery of some kind or
when I saw the kids playing Dungeons and Dragons, I'm going, I'd like to play Dungeons and Dragons.
God kept me out of a lot of that stuff because
he knew what was in me and I don't
want that...I don't want that to take part of my life and so I
have studied witchcraft over the years, studied sorcery, studied magic
studied how it works, how it is designed, what it is based on
and so I have a foundation of knowledge. I don't need to go and
read 4,000 books on witchcraft in order to really understand
it. I get it. I know what it is and now
that I know what the truth is, I know from the scriptures,
what the source of witchcraft is, what spirit is behind it.
I am actually, I am actually going to get into this. I am going to read
to you, something you will find easily on the internet,
the 13 principles of witchcraft. Now I found out that actually army chaplains have
this in their manual. So it is like, this is something that they agreed on,
that this is how the....it is interesting to me, that in Wicca,
that is what the name of it is called. Wicca, the word "wicca",
the word "wicca" and the word "wizard", they all,
they are based upon the same word which is "wist" or "wise".
The word "wizard" or "wicca" is derived from this
word wisdom, which means that these people have, supposedly, they have
a secret knowledge and their eyes have been enlightened to this
secret power that is in the universe. And we will get into that.
But I am actually going to look at a little bit later on, some of the 13 principles
that wiccans all agree to, yeah, that is us, that is
kind of how we are and what we do. It is interesting that
Wiccans, really, when they went to formulate these 13 principles they
kind of had a problem with that because Wiccans
by their, I am talking about the real wiccans, the real witches,
its not the kids dressed up in Halloween, kind of witches,
They really have a problem with
ah, their religion or principles of their religion, being written down,
anywhere. In fact, one of the...it is like the unwritten rule of witchcraft
is, we don't follow rules.
We don't follow written guidelines. We don't follow
things that are written on pages that say this is what we are. We
like to be free and that is interesting because this is
really what we are seeing in a lot of churches, today. People don't want to follow
what has been written down and Christianity has turned more into the
esoteric, which means a secret thing,
rather than following the written word of God. They
seem to be following their emotions and feelings and power
and things like that, that don't come from nor originate
from the written Word of God. And anytime you don't have....
this is what Paul warned against, he said, you foolish Galatians, you followed
something that is not written down, witchcraft
and you have rejected what is written down. You have rejected the truth.
So we are going to look at some of the principles that they grudgingly agree
to and we are going to see just how much witchcraft
is in the church. I mentioned earlier that now that I know the scriptures,
I know what spirit this is. Remember the
thirteen principles. In the Book of Revelation, chapter 17,
there is a spirit, all throughout, you see her
all throughout the scriptures, she is called by various names
in the Bible and I will tell you one of those names she is called by in a minute, but in the Book of Revelation,
it says, here is the mystery. I love the fact that God's
Word always reveals mysteries. If there is a
mystery somewhere, it is going to tell you what it is.
Witchcraft is like a mystery religion because they don't write all their formulas, they don't write
everything down, but I want to know what that mystery is so I can
read it from the scriptures. John says, I am going to give you the mystery
here, the woman, that is sitting, riding on top of the scarlet colored
beast. Her name is MYSTERY,
AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. Now if you count in your King James Bible,
you look at that verse, it just stands out because it is in all capital letters,
you'll find 13 words there. That number 13
means something. The number 13 in the scriptures, it is not always
a bad number, when you have 12, I don't have 12 fingers,
when you have 12 disciples, and you have Jesus with them, that is 13.
When you have the 12 tribes, camped around the Tabernacle,
and God's presence is there, in the form of the cloud,
that is 13, that is what you have, the number 13.
Think of the charity chapter in the Bible, 1 Corinthians, chapter 13.
The phrase, "love of God",
occurs 13 times in the Bible, so I kind of think that the number 13
on God's side represents the pure love of God and you know
how the Bible defines (I love this) "love"?
Giving. For God so loved the world that he gave.
Pure love just gives without expecting anything
in return. That is pure love. Harlot love,
you see, she is the opposite of that.
Harlots don't give love for free.
They expect something back
and so think of a salvation now, that is based upon God's pure love,
that is offered to you free, with nothing in return.
That is the pure gospel and the pure love of God and the pure
salvation of God. The Harlot has slipped in our churchs.
Turn that around a little bit
and so now the pure love of God has been turned into a Harlot love
and she teaches a gospel that says, yes God will love you and yes God will do
things for you, but you have to do something for him and that is why
Paul called it bewitching them. That is why he called it witchcraft.
There is a woman in the Bible who epitomizes the spirit of
the spirit of witchcraft. Her name is Jezebel.
Now this is interesting because I like to break down words and it is
interesting that the name Baal or Bel,
is in her name. That is like her God and where she came from.
In 2 Kings, chapter 9, verse 22, here is an interesting
description of what spirit Jezebel
represents. "And it came to pass, when Joram saw Jehu
that he said, is it peace, Jehu? And he answered, What peace,
so long as" (number one) "the whoredoms
of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts
are so many?" And so the Bible is telling you
here that Jezebel or you know, MYSTERY BABALON, she
embodies two ideas or two identities and a lot of time you will see them
mixed together. Number one, she represents whoredom, harlotry,
fornication, adultery, all things of sort of sexual
uncleanness, all rolled into one. That is
MYSTERY BABYLON, that is Jezebel and number two, she is the practitioner of
witchcraft. In fact, she epitomizes and embodies
witchcraft and it is something interesting, something that God reveals
to us in the scriptures, concerning what Jezebel really
is all about. So number one, we know that she is going to use harlotry. We know that she is
going to use witchcraft. Let's see how she gets it
done and let's see what it is that she is doing. We go to 1 Kings, chapter 21,
there is a story. I am not going to recount the whole story, you read it. But it is
essentially this. A man by the name of Naboth had a vineyard.
Think of a vineyard. Think of Jesus said I am the vine,
you are the branches. Well that would be the vineyard. That would be
Christ in his church, his people, okay. So the
vineyard is an inheritance, by the way. You see this land that Naboth had.
He didn't buy it. He didn't get it off Ebay. He didn't go to a government auction,
a foreclosure. He inherited it from his father, who inherited
it from his father, who got it from his father, and from his father, who eventually
they...it goes all the way back to the time when Joshua and the Israelites
went into the Promised Land and God says, here is your land. I am going to give it to you.
Don't sell it. Don't give it away. Pass it down
to your offspring. And so Naboth was one of
those who received this inheritance, this
wonderful gift, Naboth received. And Ahab wanted it.
It was a vineyard, right next to the palace of Ahab and Ahab is looking at that.
See, it is covetousness. He is looking at that, saying, boy, I want that piece of land.
It looks nice. I am going to do this...I am going to put some landscaping there. I am going to make it real nice.
And he wants it, so he asked Naboth, he said how about
trading me. I have some real nice land
over yonder, I will let you have, if you let me have this vineyard. Or, or...
I will give you some money for it. Think of harlots,
what do they get out of it. BUt anyway, I'll give you some money for it.
And Naboth said, Ahab, you know the law. I can't sell
my vineyard. One of these days I am going to have a son and I am going to pass that down to him
and it is going to be his. So I am going to work it and I am going to live off of it.
And I am going to give it to my son so he will have the same thing that I had.
Maybe he will make it better. Naboth pouted and he cried.
Oh, I can't have that! Jezebel comes in.
By the way, I want you to listen to this now. Jezebel hates, she hates the law.
She hates what God said. She despises it.
So Jezebel comes in and wants to know what is wrong with Ahab. Ahab says, He won't give me
the vineyard. Look at what Jezebel said.
1 Kings, chapter 21, verse 7,
1 Kings, chapter 21, verse 7, "And Jezebel his wife said unto him, Dost thou now govern the kingdom of Israel? arise, and eat bread,
and let thine heart be merry: I
will give thee the vineyard of Naboth
the Jezreelite." I want you to...let's put on our conspiracy
glasses for a minute. Isaiah, chapter 14, Lucifer says
(verse 13) "I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation,"
Ruling over the congregation of God,
the devil, the devil, now! Being in charge of
the churches! He wants that! He wants
the vineyard. How is he going to get it?
Jezebel. She is going to use her whoredoms.
She is going to use her witchcraft.
And there is going to be a transfer of authority, of the church,
from here (indicating King James Bible)
to here. (indicating comic book)
That is who she is. That is what
she is going to...that is what she is doing,
right now and so it is no marvel to me
when I see a void
of the scriptures, and I mean the true, incorruptible
scriptures, when I see a void of this, in the church,
I know who is fixing to be
in charge and I know how it is working and I know who is doing it.
So let's begin with some things. To me
are obvious. Now, I would not
be caught dead when I was a child,
sitting at home, I don't think my mom, she knew I had comics. I don't think she knew about this one.
I wouldn't be caught dead, sitting there in my home, reading
"The Son of Satan", in my home. My mom was,
you get that out of here. Thats...thats...you're not having that.
So anyways, a long time ago you
just couldn't say, there is witchcraft in the church. But now there is.
Some things to me are obvious.
For some reason, well, I know the reason, but something is going
on and now churches, it is like they are crazy.
They are crazy because they are actually using the
occult to teach Jesus.
Now remember, this guy here, "The Son of Satan", he is not just a comic
book character. He is called the child of the devil
In Acts, chapter 13, son of Belial, son of perdition, is what he is called.
He is a real character out of the Bible. He really
exists. He is really going to try to take over and reign on planet Earth.
Okay, and um, and so
they are using the themes of occult to teach about
another Jesus. That is who this is here. (indicating comic book)
Ah, we have things like the Harry Potter
bible study. Enjoying God through the fnal
four Harry Potter movies. Well here
are the final four Harry Potter movies. "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". Let's stop right here. You know what the Phoenix
is? It is a mythical bird, like a spirit, that
rises up out of the flames of hell and is reborn. You know
what that is? According to the Bible, that is the anti-christ. They are going to say, we're going to tell you who God is...
by the order of the Phoenix, the half-blood prince. You know what Harry Potter is?
He is hybrid. His father was from a genetic
line of wizards. You know who that is. That is gods. And his mother was a human.
He is a hybrid. He is the half-blood prince. "Deathly Hallows", they are going to try
to tell you that Harry Potter can show you the way
to Jesus Christ. I promise you. It won't be this one.
It will be this one right here. Here is another one, "The Gospel According to
Harry Potter". Now also remember this now,
Harry Potter is the guy who has a
lightening bolt marked on his forehead. That is not the
real Jesus, by the way. That is this guy (indicating comic book),
right here. Ah, Tyndale, Tyndale House Publishers,
Tyndale, okay, that great
repository of Christian literature, published
a book, "Looking for God in Harry Potter".
Then it moves on down to something, and I've never read
any of the Harry Potter books. These I have read, so I know what I am talking about here,
when we get into the Hobbit. That was the first one I read.
And because a cartoon came out in the late 70's,
I can't remember who made it, I think Rankin Bass or something like that and
I am going, wow, and I read the book. And I was fascinated by
this book and this ring that makes you disappear and
all kinds of weird things are floating through my head, well, I'd like to have that ring. And then I read
the "Lord of the Rings". I found out what the ring was part of and
then I found out that Tolkein, J.R.R. Tolkien
actually got all of these ideas for the "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit"
from myth, from actual European, Scandanavian,
Nordic, Greek, Roman, he got them from mythology and
mythology is all about the son of Satan,
a child of the gods. So that is where he got it from. So we have
a character called, Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf
the Grey is a wizard. Now here it is, the gospel
according to Tolkien and here is another one here, "Finding God
In the Lord of the Rings".
See it is not the right God. It is not the God of the Bible.
And I will show you why I say that here in a little bit.
It is going to be this one right here (indicating comic book). They are going to lead you astray. Jezebel
is going to transfer the authority of the vineyard over to Ahab, over to the
devil. How is she going to do it? Through, "The Gospel, According to Tolkien", through "Finding God
in the Lord of the Rings". See Gandalf the Grey is a wizard. Wait till you hear
what Harry Potter is, okay. And Gandalf the Grey fights
a battle and he is thrust into the underworld and he dies
but he is resurrected and now he is no longer
Gandalf the Grey, he is Gandalf the White, wizard.
And he rides a white horse and I think of a shadowfax
and ah, he is the conquering hero now and everybody says, ooh, ah,
Jesus. It is not really Jesus.
You even have books called, "The Gospel According to
Twilight; Women, Sex and God".
There is an apple, with a bite out of it. You know
That just stinks of Genesis, chapter 3. Here is another one,
Parables from Twilight; a Bible Study.
You know what Twilight is, don't you? It is warewolves, people
who are transformed into a beast.
Vampires, people that are dead,
that is what vampires are. And they do what God said not to do
and that is, drink blood. You are not supposed to do that, but they do.
And there is a love affair, ah, it is romantic and teenage girls
are going, oh, she loves him so much.
God said not to have anything to do with it. Leviticus, chapter 19, verse 31
"Regard not them that have
familiar spirits, neither seek after
wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God." God said that this
stuff is not going to lead you to the real Jesus, it is actually going to
defile you. Think of defiling and think of whoredoms. They kind of go
together, okay. Leviticus, 20, verse 6, "And the soul that turneth after
such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go" (Look at
this...to go a whoring after them..Stop right here.
Did you see that? God actually again, puts
wizardry, witch...Wizardy and Wicca, remember they are from the same root word,
"wist" or "wise". Wizardry and whoring
together in the same, God said you go after wizards
to go a whoring after wizards. Look what God said,
"I will (even) set my face
against that soul and will cut him off from
among his people. Listen, it is going to work.
It is going to work. God says, when my people start chasing
after Harry and
Gandalf and Twilight and vampire
empires and warewolves, when my people go seeking after them,
(Warewolves have familiar spirits, by the way.) When my people go seeking after
I will cut them off. They are not my
church, anymore. And so Jezebel says
don't worry Ahab, I will get them for you. And Ahab now conquers
and rules over the people because of their own iniquity,
that God cut off. See, it works, doesn't it?
Deuteronomy, chapter 18, verse 11, here is what God said, don't do. You don't follow after
a charmer. Think of
charmed, we are going to get to that in a minute. A charmer or a consulter with
familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. You know what a necromancer
is? Okay. One that has contact with the dead. What are vampires?
They are dead. Verse 13, "For all that do these things are
an abomination unto the LORD:" See, that doesn't sound like Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound, does it?
"All these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD
thy God doth drive them out from before thee."
thy God doth drive them out from before thee." God said the land
that you are going into is full of charmers and wizards
and familiar spirits and necromancers and God said I am going to kick them out
and I am going to put them in your place. So don't
do what they did, or I will kick you out too!
That is what God said. So you have to understand and realize that the
studies, based upon things that are of the occult world, those
studies and those ideas and those principles being brought into
vacation Bible schools and Sunday school rooms and Bible studies and
even coming out of the pulpits, coming out of
so-called Christian musicians, who put on their website, yeah, my favorite book, man,
was like "Charmed". My favorite book was "Twilight".
My favorite movie was "Lord of the Rings". They are bringing that into the church.
And God said, you know what, if you follow after that stuff,
I can't help you. And Jazabel is moving in and she is
causing people, no one, listen, no one is being forced,
to worship the dragon. No one is.
They are making a choice and Jezebel is the agent
of that choice. That verse mentions that you are not supposed to follow
charmers. There is a TV show called, "Charmed".
It has three witches in it and their symbol is
the triquetra. That is a magic symbol.
It is not a Christian symbol. God said, there is not, oh yeah it is like a symbol,
for a....let me see if I have my new King James version....No,
it is over there. Ah, they
say it is a symbol of the trinity. But God said in the Book of Acts that we are not
to think that the Godhead can be graven with art and man's
devise. God said no.
God said, is there a symbol for the trinity. God said no. The book publisher said, oh yeah,
it is the symbol for the trinity, but it is not. It is witchcraft.
That spirit there, you see the New King James version of the Bible, same symbol.
By the way, same symbol, I mean you wouldn't actually
pick up a Bible, would you? Maybe, maybe you would.
We are getting into this. Maybe you wouldn't pick up a Bible that had like a
big giant pentagram, with candles and a goat head on it.
Would you? And yet,
religious leaders, big money people on TV
ministries hold up their New King James Version of the Bible with the
triquetra, with the witchcraft symbol on it, the charmed symbol.
They are leading you, not toward Christ. They are leading you to
Ahab, who wants that vineyard and Jezebel
is helping him get there. So, I mean, that is just like the
basics, here. So when we look at churches that are doing Harry Potter,
Lord of the Rings, Charmed, Twilight, you name it,
when they have theme parties, based upon this stuff, when we see that, we go, you know
that is not right. That is easy. That is the easy part right there, or it should be.
Anybody with a brain should look at that and say, you know what, we're...
pastor, we can't do that. That is not right. It is not
right. You know what is a shame. It is the pastors,
who are not just standing back and allowing it to happen,
They are the ones promoting it. What does
that say about the pastors? What does that say
about them? Let's do...let's change here, because we know that
witchcraft is part of the occult, so we should stay away from the movies,
the books, all that stuff. Stay away from things that are occult.
Keep it out of your church. Keep it out of your home. Keep it out of your family.
Just keep it out, okay. The next thing we get into
ah, let me read a verse
out of my Bible. I love my Bible. This actually
is an old Bible that I have. I have a piece of scotch tape, holding
this page together here, because it is precious to me and I don't want to lose
especially this part of my Bible. This is Ephesians, chapter 2
verse 8. Let me tell you the real gospel. And there is only one.
One way to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Only one. "For by grace are ye saved
through faith; and that not of
yourselves: it is the gift of God:"
Not of works! Now, I want you to repeat these words after me.
And it is not a ritual we are doing. I just want to get it in your head.
Not of works. Got it? Why? Lest any man
should boast. God knows the wicked nature of man
in that, if he actually had a system,
where people could perform things in front of people,
and people go, ooh, ah, wow, look at that!
Wow, they are holy because they are doing that.
You see, if God actually had a system that employed the use
of works, actions, rituals,
for people to be saved,
then God knows the wicked nature of men. Man wouldn't go, yes
we are the holy men of God because look at what we are doing.
See, God doesn't let any...he specifically designed
salvation to be based upon
his grace and not by your
doings, as Paul said in Galatians, not by your
ritual of circumcision, not by keeping the law, because
you have it and you never have, you are not now and you never will keep
the law. Not by your rituals, either!
So what is that we know about witches and what they do?
Witches do rituals.
And so when I see, now when I see
rituals inside of a house that they call a church,
and by these rituals they are saying now we must perform these rituals, we must do
this, everybody do this and stand here and I will hold my hands like this and
we'll do all this stuff and when we do this stuff, then God
will come down and he will give us blessing. When I see that
it makes me sad, but it makes me angry because
they are saying that if we.....yeah, I get it, Jesus saves,
See, we are saying it, but really, unless you
do this, you cannot be saved, you cannot go to heaven unless you perform
what we tell you to perform. That is most obvious in the Roman
Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church is all about
rituals. No priests
no Roman Catholic Priests has ever told anybody
that they are saved, without performing a ritual of some
kind. The sacraments, the seven sacraments, oh the sacraments of the mass,
the sacraments of confession, the sacraments of penance, the sacraments of holy marriage,
the sacraments of the holy orders, like becoming a priest or a monk or a nun,
They say that you cannot ever, ever, ever
go to Heaven, without having water splashed on your
face, without eating the cookie, without drinking the cup, which by the way,
here we are going to get into it, okay. Roman Catholic ritual states that
the priest, once her performs, he has this
this little cookie in a box, it is called a
monstrance, or whatever. You know, you see them holding the monstrance, big sun image,
with the cookie in it, the wafer and he takes the wafer and
once he says, listen to this now, think about witchcraft,
once he says the right words and see, these priests actually have a book
with all these words written in it that they have to recite. Priests can't just
make it up as they go. They recite the words
and when they recite the words and perform the
ritual, then the wafer
turns into God. It is called the Doctrine of Substantiation.
They teach this right here. If you ever watch a Roman Catholic priest,
once they turn that cookie into God, they are like,
ooh, we have to be careful. We can't get crumbs on the floor.
You watch them. That is what they are doing. They have performed a magic
spell using incantations and ritual performances
that has turned this wafer, this piece of dough,
into God. And they say now,
whoever, anybody here want to be saved, you want to go to Heaven,
you have to eat this. If you don't eat it,
then you are not going to Heaven. Ah, it is
idolatry. I am going to read you a verse. I am going to read you a verse. Galatians,
chapter 5, verse 20, Paul here again, says the word, "witchcraft"...
and he says "idolatry" right next to it. You see, I want you to look at this picture
here. You know what idolatry is? It is bowing down
to a thing, something. Okay.
Ah, I was reading a little bit of history today and I was reading about
I think it was Cortez, went into Mexico, Montezuma,
and Cortez brought some missionaries with him and they went in there and
they said, you know what. We want to follow your religion and so they said, yeah, get rid of all your idols.
Get rid of that idol over there and Quetzalcoatl and get rid of that idol over there and stamp them down to the ground.
They did exactly what Cortez told them to do and then Cortez
had the priests set up a statue of Mary and said, this is your real god.
Your real god right here, and you bow to that.
The Catholic Priest turns the wafer into
god. He sits it there and then he
bows before it. See, witchcraft
and idolatry, they always go
hand-in-hand. So it is very subtle. The devil
is very, very subtle. You have to know how to spot him. Let me just tell
you, I can just read this verse again and you should get it. "For by grace are you saved through faith and
you, I can just read this verse again and you should get it. "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that
not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast."
So, you understand that you can be saved
by simply just believing God. That is not a work, by the way, that is a thought.
It is a belief. I believe the scriptures. I believe the Bible. I believe Jesus
died on the cross for my sins. I believe I am a sinner and I am going to hell
and I believe God can save me. See that is it, that is through faith.
Grace through faith. You believe the Bible, okay.
And all of a sudden, you are saved. Whosoever
shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. But there are people,
Roman Catholic mythologism is full of it. It is full of witchcraft,
through rituals. Those rituals now
are moving in to the churches, evangelical protestant, main line,
whatever you want to call them, the Baptists, the Nazarene, the Penetecostal, the
Charismatic, the Presbyterian, you name it, this witchcraft
is moving in, though ritualism. Um, Perry Stone,
Perry Stone, big name guy on television. He's got this
manifest TV program. He is the prophecy guy.
He gets all of his stuff from the dreams and visions that he operates in.
And he said, God told me, he actually wrote a book called
"The Meal that Heals". Guess what it is? You watch his TV program
and you hear him talk about "The Meal That Heals', he actually tells you now, if you
would just take communion, take the eucharist everyday, God will heal your
body and God will give you money and God will bless your life,
and your marriage will be better and you will have influence over people.
You will be in happy la la land if you will,
IF, you will eat this and drink
this every day. I do. I take this every
day and it has healed me. It has done great...
That is a ritual. That is works-based salvation.
Witches are all about, they have to draw a circle,
I want you to remember that. Witches have to draw a circle and they have to light candles
and they have to face in a certain direction and they have to do this and they have to do that
in order for the forces, the elements...I will teach you that in a minute...
the elements of witchcraft, to work. They have to do that,
People like Perry Stone and others.
Here it is, Jentezen Franklin, writes a book called,
"Fasting". Look at this. Opening the door to a deeper, more intimate, more powerful
relationship with God. Here is another one called, "Fasting to Regain
Your Edge". It basically says if you perform
either by eating this or not of eating this, by abstaining from me,
if you perform these functions, then God is going to
pour out something in your life. That is
the witchcraft that Paul warned the Galatians about, because they were telling everybody
now listen, if you get circumcised, then you are really
saved. It is witchcraft.
You....listen....you are probably going, I am not going to watch this guy anymore.
Here me out. You are not
saved by Grace and then kept by works.
You are saved by Grace and kept
by Grace and NOT works.
It is as simple as that. God will not let you boast on
what you have done and he won't bless your books and your videos
and your seminars and your performances of rituals. He will
not bless them and grace them with the presence of his spirit.
He will not do it, by you performing works.
Here is another one. If you don't like me now, you are fixing to not like me, right here.
You see these evangelists running around everywhere,
bopping all the bunnies on the head, hey, would you like
the Holy Ghost? Would you like to be healed? Then you have to come up here. I have to
do this, in order for that to happen. That is what they say.
You want the real healing? You have to go to Benny Hinn. You gotta go..he is..
He's got to touch you. Or he's got to wave his coat at you
and the air from it will touch you or he's just got to blow on you. You've see it.
Okay. You have to do that because God
won't heal you unless you do that. That's
ritualistic works-based boasting.
Witchcraft. Or how about
this one, okay. All you see the evangelists,
they look real spiritual because they have a nice suit on and hair slicked back
and oh, they are squinting their eyes. They do this,
they squint their eyes really hard. Listen, it is all a show,
it is all a big production, is what it is. And they show up
all these prayer cloths people send in, all their stuff and the evangelist is going to
go like that and say things real loud
and maybe even in a tongue, Oh Shambalababa!
And the more production, the bigger the eye candy it is,
the more powerful the spirit is, right?
Ah here is, (ha ha) I found this one, ah, Richard
Roberts, when he is not drinking,
he will lay hands on your cloth. A new point of contact
for the healing of cancer, incurable diseases and impossible situations,
signed Richard Roberts.
He personally has anointed this and he's prayed over it and he has
sent it to you in the mail and if you want, if you want the release,
of financial blessings in your life, then hold this and
put your hand on it and close your eyes and squint real tight and pray these words,
That is witchcraft. When Richard
Roberts is not being pulled over for drunk driving, he is busy laying hands on
cloths so that if you touch the cloth, you then
will be activated. If you perform this function,
you will get healing, you will get money, you will get salvation.
You will get divine blessing in your life. It is witchcraft, people.
And by the way, okay, this laying on the hands thing,
you got a problem with. You go to a church where people get
impartations of the spirit, people fall backward, that is how
it is done. I mean, I tried to get the Holy Ghost one time and it
did this and that and it didn't work.
Ah, let me tell you about a friend of mine, who in his salvation experienced...
went to a church, he didn't know anything. He went down to the altar and
they said, what are you here for. He said, I want to get saved. I want to get
saved, I am tired of living this way. I am a drunk. I am a drug abuser. I am a fornicator. I am everything.
I want to get saved. I don't want to die and go to hell, so he asked
Jesus in his heart. And then they said, okay, now stand up. So he stood up. He didn't know what...
They said now, raise your hands. So he was doing this. And a bunch of people
gathered around him and they said now, you have to speak in tongues or you are not saved.
Oh. And they said now, say, Hallelujah.
And he said it, And they said now, say it again, Hallelujah. And they said, say it again real fast.
And repeat it over and over and over. So he is going (indecipherable).
And they said, it worked! Praise Jesus! The Holy Ghost came on him
and gave him a gift! It is not a gift,
if you generate it, if you work for it. They were performing a
witchcraft ritual on him, to give him evidence of the Holy Ghost in his life.
How....you say....well, I thought that's how...I was told....
that, that is how you receive the Holy Ghost is to be hit on the head and
slain in the spirit in a ritual. Let's go back to the whole witchcraft
thing in Galatians, chapter 3,
O foolish Galatians, O foolish church member, you should
have just believed the Bible. It is easier.
"who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth,
"who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth,
crucified among you?" This, now, listen to this ow. Paul is going to tell you how
you really receive the Holy Ghost. Not by a ritual.
"This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit
by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?"
Which is it?
And if you read all of Galatians, you will say, well it can't be by the works of the law.
It must be, then, by
the hearing of faith.
You have heard the Bible, you believe the Bible. Now,
you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit without
any man laying hand, without you going to a church, without you performing a ritual,
it is done.
You know what I am trying to do in this? I am trying to make you free,
free from witchcraft, free from bondage, free from the hierarchies of religion,
who are lording over you, telling you, if you don't do it their way,
you are not going to Heaven.
Ah, even teachings that tell you if you worship in a certain way
or enough times, think about now, how many
sermons have you listened to? How many sermons have you sat under? How many teachings
have you heard on the radio, where they are placing a strong
emphasis on "worship". Worship. Worship is
what releases God's anointing. Worship is what brings
you an intimacy with God. You know what they are saying?
They are saying, if you will perform this ritual of worship, then God is going to
act on your behalf, because you have done this. That is
another gospel and it is witchcraft.
I believe in worship. I believe in falling down on your face before God and saying, God,
you are the one. You are the only one. I believe in singing the old hymns.
I believe in doing that and doing it in spirit and truth but I am not
worshipping God to get something out of him. You see, pure love
means that you give it without getting anything back and I love God enough to
where I will sing his praises and he doesn't have to do a thing for me.
That is what real worship is all about.
Works-based grace is what it is. You will see books like,
"The Unquenchable Worshipper; Coming Back to the Heart of Worship:",
to books and most churches now have
redesigned their entire service to include, to emphasize
at the very beginning, what..
Worship....and the Worship Leader
will not stand for you, just sitting there not doing
anything because when he says stand up, he
means everybody has to stand up or you are not spiritual.
Have you ever felt that way? You sat in the church and
Everybody stand up! Come on, put your hands in the air! And you just sit there because that is really not
your thing. And you are just going, (waving hands and clapping),
these people are going...and you know what you did? You stood up, just so
that people wouldn't think that you are unspiritual. Let me tell you something.
You don't have to. You don't have to stand up. You don't have to
squint your eyes. You don't have to roll your head back. You don't have to stick your hands in the air. You
don't have to cry. You don't have to sway. You don't have to do anything.
And I am telling you, it is witchcraft,
very subtly, moving into the church. I am going to tell you
what got me started on this. I saw Zondervan,
remember Tyndale House and the whole Harry Potter thing and
you know, "Find the Gospel Through Lord of the Rings", Zondervan,
promoting a new book that they have written, called "The Circle Maker",
and the author, Mark Batterson, he pastored one
of these Hip-Hop, cool, Air Gel churches in
Washington, D.C. and see he got the idea, he wasn't...
he didn't go into fasting and praying and read the scriptures and think, I think God wants me to...
draw a circle. He was actually looking at Jewish
mythology, Jewish tradition, but a story
about a guy named Honi, Honi the Circle Maker, they called him.
I guess if you are a Jew, you know more about it than I do. But supposedly
this guy, during the intertestamental period, stood out there and it hadn't rained
all winter long and they were fixing to plant crops and they needed rain so
Honi, the Circle Maker, went out there and drew a circle in the dirt and
stood in it and said, God, I am not moving until you
make it rain. That is like performing a little
witchcraft ritual. Can I, I want to show you
this graphic here, because there is something I do know about witchcraft, okay.
It is that, they don't say a chant,
they don't perform a ritual, they don't take their clothes off,
which a lot of them do, they don't do anything
unless they make a circle
first. All of their magic has to be done in a circle
and you know what that is. Everything that I have read about this, tells me that the
circle is supposed to indicate the sun and the sun god, Osiris.
That is who that represents. That is why the magic
has to be done in a circle. Now I am going to ask you a simple question.
Can you think of anything in the Bible, anyplace in the Bible that tells
you that in order to really get the power of God down in your life that you have to get inside
of a circle or that you have to join in a prayer circle?
That you have to do that, in order for it to work. Have you ever
seen it? Have you ever seen the prayer circle? Everybody, come on, we are going to get in a prayer circle now.
And you feel like you have to, even though you really don't want to hold this lady's hand.
You have to get in that circle or you are not
spiritual. Or it is like the prayer won't work if we are not all joined together.
That is witchcraft, okay. But Zondervan is
promoting this, "The Circle Maker". You see if, you watch,
the You Tube promotional thing. They have
teams, walking in circles around buildings and praying in circles. Oh you have to
walk these circles now, pray this, and if you do this, God is going to release these
great things in your life, if you'll just draw a big circle and get in and pray.
That is witchcraft.
Here is one of the rituals that they do. When they get in the circle, okay,
this is from "Wicca for Dummies". I do happen to have that book.
Okay, "Wicca for Dummies", which is kind of funny to me,
because if you are doing Wicca, that is what you are.
"Wicca for Dummies", so they get in a circle
and all the gods show up, and then here is a part,
I am only doing part of this. Here is part of the ritual.
I say this. I am only giving you part of it, because witchcraft
actually requires that if you leave something out, it is not going to work.
You remember the show, "Bewitched".
Remember that show? There was, you know,
the witch had to say the words right, had to cast a spell.
There was a character on there by the name of Aunt Clara. Aunt Clara was...
she was always getting the magic done
wrong. You know why? She wasn't
saying it right. She wasn't
in incantation. She wasn't giving the recitation right.
She wasn't reading the right words. Remember the priest, the Catholic priest, who must
read the words that are on the page, in order to turn
the wafer into God and if they don't perform....
they don't perform that ritual, that wafer is still
just a wafer and if you eat it, it is not going to do anything so we have to
perform the ritual. And Aunt Clara always had to get all the words right.
That is what witchcraft is. It is telling you. That is what Paul was getting
at, who had bewitched you. Anybody that tells you, the work faith
Charismatic Movement is full of, if you didn't say it right, if you didn't do it right,
then God is not releasing his Grace to you.
That is witchcraft. Here is part of a witchcraft ritual.
It says, first consecrate your elements. Ah, you
and the elements. Let me tell you what these elements are, without going into all this stuff.
They have a circle. There is always a circle involved, okay, and the elements
are earth, air, fire and water. Now I
have done several teachings on this. I am not going to get that much into it.
But, earth and air are
opposites and if you look at their symbols, they are
opposite symbols. Fire and water are opposites and when you look at their symbols
they are opposite one another. The fusion of
opposites, fusion of polarity, male and female, yen and yang.
The square and compass, in freemasonry, that is what the
elements are all about and there are four of them. And witchcraft says that they
are merely tapping into the elementals, the elements that are all around
us, because these elements have a force.
When you listen to Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn
and Joyce Meyer and all of these others, they will teach you that faith is a force
that when tapped into and if you say the words with the right positive energy
then God will release these things in your life. That is
witchcraft. It is witchcraft.
But these elements, see I know about these things. When these elements, when the
four elements combine together, they form what is called a fifth element. And that element is
ether, or spirit. Actually, you see,
when you make the four elements come together it releases a spirit on you.
I just want you to understand that, okay.
Because this theme of elements and elementals
has moved into the church ideology, in the church marketing.
Here is elements, kids worship, that is from the
denomination I used to belong to. This is their publishing company. I don't belong to
them anymore. This is their publishing company, publishing
elements, kids worship. You say,
well, maybe it means like something else. Well,
they say if you go to the Bible you will find the word, "elements". They will all be burned
up with a fervent heat, by the way. Element, but it is from elemental magic.
Here is a church, "Elements Church", and
notice this church, "Welcome to Element".
Notice, notice now, that they have a logo
of earth, air,
fire and water. This is a church.
is giving the vineyard over to Ahab.
This is a church. Here is part of something that they were (holding booklet)
promoting, called "The Missing Element". Oh lookit there! Lookit there!
"The Missing Element of Worship".
It is acts, performance, ritual-based,
getting something of God that if you don't do this with us you are not
going to get anything from God, like we are.
That is so unscriptural and ungodly.
It makes me angry and why am I making this video? Because it is putting
people in bondage. And I see, I have counseled with people,
who have been under the bondage that they didn't perform
right for God and they don't think that they are saved
because they didn't perform right for God. A pastor's wife, I counseled one time on this issue,
that she wasn't performing right for God and so God
had rejected her. Folks, that is a bondage.
It is a bondage that I carried for a while. I don't carry
those burdens anymore. I am free.
Because I don't think that I have to perform anything for God to
really love me. I don't think I have to.
Do I do things for God? Yeah. Why? Because
he has done it for me; he has already done it for me!
And I love him enough that I want to do it for him and I don't care
if he pays me or not. I will do it for free. That is love.
And, ah, they...oh, look at this..okay, here we go.
Ah, the law of attraction,
okay. You know where the first time I heard the law of attraction? And somebody had given me a book on
witchcraft. It was an older book, from the 60's and 70's.
And the first chapter was called, "The Law of Attraction".
It was one of the foundational principles of witchcraft. The law of attraction simply says
this, the law of attraction, you see the graphic up on the screen
that it is like the key to unlocking the universe. Now
when I look in Revelation, chapter 9, I see a key that
unlocks something. It is the bottomless pit and then the Phoenix rises
up out of it. You get it, right, okay. Harry Potter thing and all this stuff.
But the law of attraction actually this, law of attraction says
that if you want a million dollars,
all you have to do is start thinking
about a million dollars and just start saying, a million dollars, like
you already have it and then it will attract
a million dollars to you. You will have it. If you think
it, and then you say it, you will attract it.
You see it is the law....I like, I like it, because witchcraft is based
upon keeping of the law, which you can't do. It is not the Grace
of attraction, it is the law of attraction and it is witchcraft.
Here is a book, this was actually written by a Wiccan.
The law of attraction, 36 oracle cards to guide you to wealth and
prosperity. That could have been written by
Joel Osteen. It was, actually. I will show you in a minute.
Now here is another one. The Law of Attraction, let your thoughts determine your destiny.
The law of attraction, use the law of attraction
to create the life you desire. Thoughts become things.
And so the law of attraction says if you think it, then you
say it, (that is witchcraft, because it is all about spells and incantations and
saying the right words, with a positive energy), if you think it,
and say it, then you will have it. Ah, this
was made popular, this is not just in the realm of
these Wiccans who go to Salem, Massachusetts every year for a convention, this is actually,
this is big business. This is big money.
"The Secret", the book, the video, "The Secret", ah
it is all the law of attraction is what it is. It is telling you...and it
interviews all these successful people in life, that have gained their
success by use of, "I thought it, I said it, I acted on it",
"and it came to me". They are all using witchcraft, is
what they are doing. This shows up in the writings of
people like Norman Vincent Peale, "The Power of
Positive Thinking", and he is touted as the greatest inspirational
best-seller of our time. I remember
when I was
in Amway and pastoring
a little church, I thought that if I read, "The Power of Positive Thinking", it would
make a better pastor out of me, make a better husband out of me, make a better
salesman out of me and I could sell more. I could be a better preacher and I could
sell the gospel to people and close the deal at the altar.
That is what I used to think, so the "Power of Positive Thinking", basically
says that if you imagine it first, you see
in Amway, they used to take you out to do what was called, "Dream
Building". See, I know what that is now. They'd say
If you had a million dollars, what would you guys buy? And then they'd take
us out, if it was an RV, they would take you to an RV place and show these nice RV's,
if it was a new home, they would take you to wher the nice homes were and show you a new home and say, man, can you imagine yourself
in that house? See, salesmen do that all the time. Can you imagine yourself being in this car?
Touch this thing. Touch it. They are getting you to covet after it. It all starts here.
And then they say, you turn this thought that you have
into reality, by selling more soap, by signing people
up in the business (Amway). That is what it was. It was witchcraft, at work.
It was using covetousness and lust of the flesh and lust of the eyes to
generate what it was, that we wanted. It never dawned on me
that maybe God didn't want me to have an RV
and if he did, maybe all I had to do was ask him.
Ask in faith, nothing wavering. That is what the Bible
says. You see witchcraft says, oh no, you can't just
ask, you can't just say God....if you want...I actually, "The Spirit-Filled Life Bible",
"The Spirit-Filled Life Application Bible",
has notes in it that says, don't ever pray in
your prayers, "If it be thy will, O God". That is the most faith-
killing prayer that you can pray. You are not going to get anything out of God when you say
that! Witchcraft, I am telling you, it is witchcraft.
Robert Schuller, "If you can dream, you can do it".
"Power Thoughts", "achieve your true potential through power thinking".
Joyce Meyer, "12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind".
Power Thoughts, she is all about,
and then it will come to you, that is witchcraft. It is the law of attraction. Here is her book,
Joyce Meyer, me and my big mouth, the answer is right under your
nose. You know what she is saying? That the key to curing cancer, the key to
having a million dollars, the key to having a bettr husband, even if it is not
the one you are with now, the key to having everything good in life,
is to think it and then to say it. But we have to train you in how to think it
right. You have to be trained in order to do this. That is witchcraft.
It is not scripture. It is witchcraft.
"Battlefield of the mind", winning the battle of your mind. In other words, if your mind
is all messed up. If you don't have the right thoughts, then you will
not say the right words and you won't get anything. The secret power of speaking God's words
from Joyce Meyer. Here is Joel Osteen, your best life now,
here is what Joel Osteen said in his book, and I
actually have an old
college friend,
who pastors a church. Somebody sent me the sermon notes
and they didn't know that I knew him. They said, we went visiting
a church and the pastor was such and such and I said, I know this guy.
They sent me the sermon notes and said it just didn't sound right
to us. And it contained these words, as part of his
sermon outline, "if you will transform your mind, God will transform your life".
"Our thoughts contain tremendous power. Not only,
not only did this pastor not get his sermon from studying the Bible,
he didn't even come up with it on his own. He copied right out of Osteen's
book to preach the message. And you know what he was thinking...
he was teaching his people, he was teaching them witchcraft,
thinking the positive thoughts, the faith filled,
oh they say, "faith filled". The faith filled thoughts
and then putting it out in the "faith filled" words and then if you say the words
it will happen. Here is another book that Osteen wrote, "Become a Better You;
The Seven Keys" (think about that) "to Improving
Your Life Everyday". Here is what he says in there.
One of the best ways that we can improve our self image is with our
words. Our words. Words are like seeds, they have
creative power. See, that is witchcraft.
"It says in Isaiah that we will eat the fruit of our words. That is"...(by the way
he is not quoting King James). "That is amazing when you stop to consider the truth. Our
words tend to produce what we are saying. Every day we should make positive
declarations over our lives. We should say things such as,
I am blessed. I am prosperous. I am healthy. I am talented. I am creative. I am wise.
When we do this" (Listen to this now, I want you to listen to words.)
"When we do do this then God will do
this." That is witchcraft. When we do that
we are building up our self image
(hmm) "As those words permeate your heart and mind and especially your subconscious
mind." (Think about where the devil wants to get into.)
"eventually they will begin to change in the way that you see your
self." He is writing, let's see, become a better...
Now Joel Osteen's book does not have a pentagram
and a black cat and a woman dressed in like a
black robe with a dagger in her hand, drinking blood.
It doesn't have that, it has
Joel. Okay. And it says, "become a
better you because everybody wants to become a better me."
And he is teaching them how to do it
through witchcraft.
You must perform and you must think
and you must say the right, the magic words
and you say this over your life and it will happen. And if you don't
ha ha, this is why, this is why your church only has
30 people in it, because you are not saying the right words.
I mentioned earlier, and you can look this up on the web,
ah, the 13 principles of Wicca. I was going to
deal with just one that I remembered from an earlier
study of mine and God reminded me
about an hour and a half ago, Mike look at some of the others. I am going to show you some things
there and when I saw them, I put them in my notes and I came right up here.
I am not going to go through all 13. You can look them up and you'll say
yeah, I see that. Because I started seeing things in the church, too much for me to deal with.
But I am going to deal with some of them. Here is one of the principles of Wicca. We
"We conceive of the Creative Power" (Notice they put that in capital letters. That means they
...that is like their God. "We conceive of the Creative Power in the Universe"
"as manifesting through polarity-" (Yin and yang, male and female)
"as masculine and feminine" (there it is, right there) "- and that this"
"same creative Power lives in all people, and functions through the interaction of the masculine and feminine."
I am going to stop right here.
Do you know what she means by the interaction of the masculine and the feminine?
You know what she means.
"We value neither above the other knowing each to be supportive"
"We value sexuality as pleasure, as the symbol and embodiment"
"of Life." (Here we go, listen to this now.) "and as one of the sources"
"energies used in magickal practice and religious worship."
So they are saying, number one: Our god, our
"Creative Power" is
male and female, both of them together.
We know who that is, don't we? That is Baphomet.
That is, they are just telling you who their god is.
That is Baphomet, who's the androgenous god, he has both male and female
parts in his body, okay. Now,
that is this, this god,
is not male and female.
Oh, Pastor...oh, no, no, no, let's see now if we can find
witchcraft....see if we can find this form of witchcraft
in the church. Rick Warren...
In a tweet that he made this year, it says
"it is neither sinful nor shameful for a man to have feminine qualities or a woman to have
to have masculine ones. You have some of both." Then he tweets,
"In his own image, God created them both male and female."
Rick Warren is telling you that the god he believes in
is both male and female and that he created man in that image.
Man, originally was both male and female.
The Bible doesn't say that. No it doesn't. Go look at it,
in the King James. In his own image, God created them both
male and female. Rick Warren is teaching, this is why he
is saying if you are a guy and you are like a little,
you know....it is okay, God made you that way. And if you are a woman and you are really...you know...
It is okay, God made you that way.
Because, God is that way.
By the way, in the "Purpose Driven Life", where is that book? I have it around here. In the "Purpose Driven Life"
book, Rick Warren quotes out of the Message Bible. Here is how the Message Bible
renders this verse in Genesis, chapter 1. God created human beings
he created Godlike, reflecting God's nature, he created them
male and female. God's nature...
male and female. The god of the Message Bible and the god of
That is from witchcraft
That is from witchcraft. Kenneth Copeland..."People have even
argued about whether God is male or female, but the Bible itself tells us that he is both.
That's right, in the Hebrew language all words have gender. They are either
male or female. The Hebrew word, 'Jehovah' is both masculine and feminine."
He goes on to say, "Originally, mankind was that way too. When God first"
made 'man', he was as much female as he was male. Then God separated the female part out"
and made 'wo-man' or,
the man with the womb. After that, man and woman,
had to come together to be perfectly whole." And that is from
Kenneth Copeland. Now Kenneth Copeland also teaches that if you don't
say the faith filled words right, if you don't say the words right in the right way like Aunt Clara,
like the witches do, if you don't do it like that then God will not
and cannot release anything to you. That is witchcraft and
it doesn't...it is no amazement that the god
of Kenneth Copeland is a he/she. It is a guy in drag,
a transvestite or a transsexual or whatever you want
to...that is the god of these people. That is witchcraft.
Let me go back to this other, 13th, this same principle here.
And so they believed that the god, their god is male and female
and that is really the only way that it works is for the yen and yang to
come together, the positive and the negative and
the air and earth, and the fire and the water,
have to be joined together. And they said, of course, you know
that would be like, you know, male and female coming together.
Let me just, what little I know....I have never been to a witch thing, don't want
to go...but one of the things I know they do
witches in the ritual have a, it is called the great rite,
ritual. They get in a circle, okay, and
there is a woman and she has no clothes on. Now
some of them do it differently, they have what is called a cup or chalice,
and a blade, okay. The blade represents
the guy and the cup...
at the end of the ceremony, the blade goes into the cup, okay.
Now some covens just do it that way. Now some of the
hard-core ones, there is a gal
lays down, she is naked, the high priest comes in...
okay, that is their ritual and they say
this is where we get our power from. This is where we get our
energy from. This is what our magic is based upon,
fornication between man and a woman.
So, have you seen all these churches
that are promoting sex?
I mean Ed Young, I mean, he started out...I mean, listen to this now, because in this
principle, it says, we value sex as pleasure,
and as the symbol embodiment of life and as one of the sources of energy used in
magical practice and religious worship. So they are saying that sex is worship. Ed Young,
and i have this on a video. Um, I am trying to think of
what it is called. Ah, "The New Age Rick Warren and the Great Falling Away", I think or maybe
"The Emerging Church", I think it is "The Emerging Church Video". I have a
video clip of Ed Young, with a bed on the stage. The first time
he did this, and he is teaching, he actually says
"Sex is worship".
Remember Jezebel, she is a harlot, okay, and
so here, Ed Young does a little "sexperiment".
If you perform seven days, now, and here is what he is telling you,
if you perform, the union of man and woman,
in different places in your home, for seven days,
then God is going to release blessings into your marriage. And you see
sermons...all over the place, preachers talking about great sex, God's way, putting up
billboards, "God loves sex", "God loves
sex". Here is another one. A preacher, standing there, look at this, it looks spiritual
doesn't it? Standing there with a Bible in his hand, a minister, talking about
God, with, in the background,
showing, two feet, or four feet,
sticking out from underneath the covers, in a bed.
Here is another one, a four-week, sermon series,
by a church, by a church...
featuring a naked man and a woman in an embrace.
There is witchcraft in
the church. Okay. I hope you believe me.
There is witchcraft in the church. Here is another principle of Wicca.
"We believe in the affirmation and fulfilment of life and the continuation"
"of evolution." You know what evolution is?
We have a video on this. Evolution basically says we came from a lower state.
We're going to be gods one of these days, okay.
We're going to be gods one of these days, okay.
Ray Kurzweil is talking about that. A lot of these other scientists are talking about merging
humans with technology and changing man's,
altering man's DNA so we are immortal. I mean, all this stuff is happening right
before our very eyes. It is witchcraft. It is at the core of the principles of witchcraft.
"The continuation of evolution and development of consciousness, "
" that gives meaning to the Universe we know and to our personal role within it." So two things. Number one, evolution,
and number two, the development of consciousness. In other words, our mind
is all messed up right now and needs to be alive and awakened. So here we go, here we have
an evolved church, notice the symbol, a small....
See this symbol here. It is actually a swastika, okay,
which is an old pagan symbol, witchcraft and it talks about
the evolution of humanity. That's why, that's why Hitler used it.
He was all about a superior race, the continuation of evolution.
That is witchcraft, Evolution Church. Here we have
Shift Church, The Shift Church, Paradigm Shift Ministries.
Rick Warren, Rick Warren writes on his blog, he is talking to
pastors and he says, we just kind of changed the words a little bit. You know I used to talk about repentant,
but I don't say that anymore. I use the word Paradigm Shift.
Paradigm shift is just a change in a way of thinking. It
is going to give them a higher consciousness. So you see all these churches and
these programs called, Shift, Paradigm Shift. Here is a
Shift 2010, suddenly Heaven invades, forcing
transformation. See, it all goes together. When you get the evolution,
you are going to get the awakening in your consciousness.
That is witchcraft and that is what is prevading
every denomination and every religious
movement in the world and this is why we are seeing it.
And then here is this one. This is the last one I am going to deal with.
The 13 principles of Wicca, this is number six. "We do not"
"recognize any authoritarian hierarchy".
In other words, nobody tells
me what to do. I am my own god, or excuse me,
I am my own goddess. I do whatever I want to do.
I make up my own rules. I live...yeah, I am married to a guy
he's not my boss. He doesn't tell me what to do.
In every realm of life, people, we ought to know this, that God
ordains earthly authorities. There are kings, there are rulers, there
are governors, there are pincipalities, there are princes and I am talking about
earthly realm. There are sheriffs, there are deputies,
there are mayors over towns, there are police offices, who have a right, have a right
to pull you over and take money from you for speeding or
whatever. They have that right. They have that authority over you. The constitution is in
authority over us. Wicca says
don't tell me what to do. I'll do whatever I want to do.
Ah, the Bible is an authority over churches. Husbands
are in authority over wives. I am just telling you what the Bible says.
Witchcraft, now I want you to listen to this now. You are amening me,
because I am going after all these liberal churches now. But let me talk to some of you women.
When you are in rebellion
against your husband and you are trying to dominate over him that is witchcraft.
Pure and simple, it is witchcraft.
You do not. And you say, my husband is lost. I do not have to listen to him.
You are in rebellion and you are trying to
spiritualize your rebellion, but that is exactly what you are doing.
You wouldn't put up with your children doing that, would you? You kids listen to your dad.
See how it works. You just don't like anybody
being the boss over you because you have a rebellious nature inside of you and you want
to spiritualize it.
I've talked to people like you and I have dealt with people like you and I know
the spirit you are of and it is not a holy spirit.
Wives submit yourselves to your husbands. You just go with scripture,
and God will bless you, okay. Let me tell you...let's talk about
this authority thing and remember Jezebel hates the law.
Nabal said I cannot sell my vineyard. Jezebel says
that doesn't mean anything to me. That means absolutely nothing to me.
So she recognizes no authority over her.
She does as she pleases and nobody can tell her what to do. She is
the goddess. That is witchcraft and so wherever
you watch this now, wherever you see this Bible,
abased and put down and something being
in authority over the scriptures, that is the essence of witchcraft.
You don't believe me? Let's go to the scriptures then.
1 Samuel, chapter 15, verse 22, "And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices,"
"as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice ,"
"and to hearken than the fat of rams. For rebellion"
"is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness"
"is as iniquity and idolatry." Here it is again,
isn't it amazing that witchcraft and idolatry and whoredoms all just kind of go together, don't they?
"rebellion is as the sin"
"of witchcraft," and that just...
The first time I read this principle, "we do not recognize
any authoritarian hierarchy", I am going, that is rebellion,
it is witchcraft. See it is in their own writings.
I don't mean to offend. I don't want you mad at me.
You have to understand that by and large we are probably so far behind as far as
what God wants for our life and God's best for our life and I understand that.
This issue of Biblical authority is wrestled
with in just about any area that Christianity is trying to
thrive. People who are hungry for serving the Lord, they are going to be dealing with
the issues of rebellion. I promise you they are.
I have. My wife has. My children have. Our church
has. I am just telling you, we are just like everybody else, okay. So I understand
but to obey
is better than sacrifice and rebellion
is witchcraft. We have rebellion in our
church. There are people rebelling against pastoral authority or Biblical authority,
pastors rebelling against Biblical authority.
The Bible being the authority over them instead of them saying now your Bible
is incorrect there. Let me change that for you.
That is witchcraft.
Or, that is not bound by the Bible. We can experience
God through contemplative prayer or through signs of wonder
or God gives dreams and visions,
that is rebellion. That is denying the authority of scripture, the only
sole authority. By the way, you are not married to two husbands. Why?
If you don't like one guy telling you what to do, you definitely don't want two of them.
There is never two presidents of the United States. There is never
two kings, there is never two mayors, there is never two governors.
There is never two pastors, there is always one.
If we have to...if we are under...see authority is protection.
Let me get where I am going here.
By and large, the religion of Wicca,
is matriarchal and that means based upon
the female and not the male. So that ought to clue you in right there.
You go to some of these churches, okay. Go to
some of these word faith, wacky churches and boy you will see the women
cutting loose, okay. That ought to tell you that
is...they are running the show, okay. Listen, I
am not against women. God has a beautiful, God has a
more beautiful role for you than the man does, okay.
And I know men are just as wicked and evil
but somebody has got to be in authority and God has chosen. I am just going to read scripture, okay.
Don't get mad at me. You get mad at that
and if you are angry over what I am saying,
Jezebel has more influence over you than what you think.
Bypassing the scriptures to get God,
if you do contemplative prayer and religious practices, say now
if you do this, then you are going to reach God, somehow, someway.
Contemplative prayer, intuitiveness, I've heard preachers talk about, we are going to intuit God. That is matriarchal.
because the women, have you ever heard of women's intuition? It is the female
that is more intuitive or more feeling about things than the male.
And so when I hear, when I hear pastors talking about experiences or
feelings or intuitiveness or things like that, I know
what spirit is involved there. It is her. It is Jezebel.
She is going after the vineyard, to give it to Ahab.
I understand that. Imagination. Imagination
based meditation...we put out a video a few weeks ago called,
"The Biblical Case Against Rick Warren" and Rick Warren is actually promoting a
way to meditate on the Bible. Just imagine...close your eyes and imagine you being
in the Bible and that is the word becoming flesh.
That is the matriarchal based, female
based, female, harlot spirit, witchcraft doctrine.
Now, ah, we have
people like Paul White and Beth Moore
and Joyce Meyer. Now what is your problem with these?
Well, a lot of it has to do with what they say and what they are teaching.
Ah, Paula White and Joyce Meyer are both word faith teachers. They teach,
actively teach witchcraft. In fact, I don't know if you are aware of this,
The Post Dispatch, the local paper in the Saint Louis area, which we're
from put out an article, several years ago, on Joyce Meyer.
And it talked about her history. Did you know that her origins
in religion are with astrology and witchcraft?
I thought I would tell you that. She says when she got saved
she didn't go to an altar and repent of her sins. She said she saw a vision and God called her.
Anyway, Beth Moore,
she is Southern Baptist, she is not that ...., she is Southern Baptist.
Beth Moore shows up in the video,
"Be Still and Know", promoting contemplative prayer. She is promoting
an outside experience outside of the authority of the Word of God, saying that
you can bypass, you don't need this...just go into a trance and
you'll meet God there, okay. There is a reason why all these women are
out on the forefront. And these women are showing up and doing the conferences and going to the churches
and standing in front of churches and teaching.
What is wrong with that? We have female pastors,
women pastors, it used to be just in the liberal churches.
Of course all the liberal, female pastors we found out were actually lesbian.
Then you have all these female pastors in the Pentecostal churches and
in the Charasmatic Churches and now they are moving into the Baptist Churches and all
all the other churches. It's the women pastors, I said Pastor Mike,
would you get out of the 19th century. Come on! God is using
them just as much as he is using anybody else. No, he is not. No he is not.
No he is not. See, this is how much
influence Jezebel has had on you and your thinking.
Let me just quote scripture. Let's deal with the idea
of, can a woman be a pastor of a church. Okay, let's just deal with it.
Deal with that one. Let's go to the authority.
Titus, chapter 1, verse 6, "if any be blameless", he is giving the qualifications now for
a Bishop, a Pastor. "If any be blameless, the husband" (look, right
there, the bishop,
is a husband. You see, that is
not what we call the woman in a marriage, is it? Unless it is a gay marriage...
The man is the husband. The husband of...ah, lookit there, "one wife"
"having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly."
See unruly. You see the pastor himself must recognize authority.
Authority and rules and regulations and guidelines, the Pastor must.
And he has got to be a "he" because in order
to qualify to be a Bishop, according to our rule of faith and practice,
he has to be the husband. You don't believe that?
Here is 1 Timothy, chapter 3, "This is a true saying, If a man", ahem,
ahem, "a man desire the office of a bishop,"
"he desireth a good work. A bishop then must be blameless, the"
"husband", He must be the husband, he can't be the wife.
Even where you see churches,
Word faith, living life, Water Springs Center,
Pastors Doug and Michelle,
it is unscriptural, it is not to be allowed. he is to be
"vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality," all these things,
"One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;"
"(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)"
Did you know that embedded in here is also the idea that the man
is supposed to be in charge.
Not the woman. That is Jezebel. That is witchcraft.
No authoritarian hierarchy...a woman sits there and says
that man is not going to tell me what to do. That man is...I am not going to listen to him...I am going to get up and do it
myself, okay. What about all these women
teachers going around, the Beth Moores. What about all these people
coming to your church and doing that, Pastor? It shouldn't, ought to be allowed.
1, Corinthians, chapter 14, "34 Let your women keep silence"
" for it is not permitted unto them to speak;"
"but they are commanded to be under obedience,"
" as also saith the law. 35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask"
" let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church."
They are not to speak in church.
They are not to teach. 1, Timothy, chapter 2, verse 11, "Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection."
She is not to be the teacher. She is to be the learner.
"12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp"
"authority over the man," Now let me stop right here and let me help you out. Can women teach Sunday
school, like for children? Absolutely. Okay.
The New Testament talks about the ancient women and how they are to teach the younger
women and the older men, how to teach the younger men. I believe in that.
I don't have a problem with that and I don't think the Bible does, either.
But when they get up there,
it is not permitted for a woman to teach or usurp authority over the man.
That is what it says, but to be in
silence and here is why. Here is why. God
has a reason for everything. For Adam was not deceived, but the woman
being deceived was in the transgression. You see, God knows.
Because He designed women to be
the weaker vessel.
He designed them to be that way for a greater purpose, by the way.
Remember it is out of the weakness of this world, that God is using, to confound the
things that are strong. But he still says
for them not to teach. Because who did the devil go after? Who did he go after in the Garden of Eden?
He didn't go after Adam. He went after Eve.
And God said, for that reason, because I have made them weaker,
you are not to have them...they are not to be Bishops and they are not to teach
the men in the church. It is as simple as that.
The only other
time in the Bible, Jezebel was mentioned, interesting, in Revelation, chapter 2, verse 20,
when Jesus was dealing with the seven churches, there is actually
he calls this woman a Jezebel. I mean that is like, you know you could get
slapped for that. But Jesus says, he said I have
something, I have a few things against thee. Because thou sufferest, you allowed
that woman, notwithstanding I have a few things
against thee, because thou sufferest, you allowed
that woman, Jezebel. Here it is,
" which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce"
"my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols."
"To eat things sacrificed unto idols", that is like the Catholic Mass.
These women
preachers, God did not call them. He does not violate his own word. You say that...(music playing in background)
I was told that that was like for then, but it is not for now. You were told wrong. (music playing)
It is witchcraft. (music playing)
It is the spirit of Jezebel, when you have the self-called, self-ordained (music playing)
women teachers. They will (music playing)
bring in false doctrines into the church. (music playing)
I love you. But I love the (music playing)
truth more. You can hate me, but it will not change God's Word. (music playing)
Witchcraft has moved in and (music playing)
Jezebel is going after the vineyard. We need (music playing)
some Naboth's who will stand, even at risk of their own life. (music playing)
and say, not while I am standing. You cannot (music playing)
have my vineyard. Pray about what I said. (music playing)
Pray about what the scriptures say. This is Pastor Mike. I love you. (music playing)
God bless you. Bye bye. (music playing) (video end)
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Witchcraft in the Church: Pastor Michael Hoggard [CC Deaf]

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羅致 published on June 11, 2014
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