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  • Oh, okay.

  • Cool.

  • Oh, oh, oh, oh, Ox Folks, balls Oh, oh, good.

  • Don't don't dog folks don't, folks, folks don't But out brown folks Brown, Fox Brown folks Hey, e lady, don't Lady dog Ladies don't brown Fox Lazy dog brown Fucking lazy dog Brown fucks, lazy dog brown fucks Lazy dog Yeah, uh, quick brown books The quick brown fox Jeff uh, Jeff chips the quick brown fox jumps Oh, earth over the lazy dog jumps over the lazy dog Lazy dog Your great brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Many quick break folks brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Lazy talk some great granddaughter Over the rebound on delays Small shops Quick, false Around your brown false lazy dog Big brown fox jumps over a lazy your I think that what jumps over a lazy dog dog Oh, hey!

  • Oh, faster, faster!

  • Oh, oh oh, Fabulous, Fantastic!

  • No, no, no, I can't see Oh, oh, no, no, no Oh, oh oh oh uh, Unbelievable.

  • They turned the lights off.

  • Oh, fun, fun What's fun?

  • This'll is fun.

  • Oh, what's going on?

  • Oh, oh, oh, yeah Drink a drink A little store power I wonder where You are way.

  • Yeah, Good.

  • Oh!

  • Oh, lovely G great Galaxies.

  • Wonderful.

  • Make a wish I wish for fun Fun, fun, fun Super Oh, son Yeah.

  • Oh, is that you?

  • You look at the mess you've made.

  • Oh, it wasn't my fault.

  • I don't believe you.

  • Tell her, E Tell her w you Oh, Well, what do you say?

  • E w we say, Oh, we say you it waas you, uh why would I tell a lie?

  • Let me explain in song just in my story And you will know why I haven't done anything wrong.

  • Yeah, You look unhappy.

  • You Can we help?

  • Oh, you, You, You, You, You, You, You, You, You You You You Why don't you try something you knew?

  • Oh, now that is you.

  • When they held hands, Michio Intrigue Oh, grew.

  • They tried again, But green twinge blue It's got e o Oh, I was with That is completely it.

  • Oh, true e said to me Can you help make me o e o stick with me We thought he meant stick like good glue.

  • You, You, You, You, you, You, You, You, You You You You r e s c E O s.

  • look, you raise you?

  • Yeah, just like you booth Magic.

  • He did his magic combi way Played the flute and he saved me with, uh, breed e Mm a brune.

  • You You You see?

  • That's how it happened.

  • I believe you.

  • A w you say you on who?

Oh, okay.

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