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  • Hello. This is The English We Speak

  • with me, Feifei...

  • ...and me, Roy.

  • Roy, what are you holding?!

  • This? It's a sword.

  • I can see it's a sword!

  • Why do you have one?

  • Well, I overheard you saying your

  • friend Sandra is living in a bubble -

  • so I asked my pal

  • at the museum if I could borrow a sword

  • to help your friend escape!

  • No, Roy - I said 'Sandra lives in a bubble',

  • but it means that

  • she doesn't really accept

  • new ideas and all her friends have the

  • same way of thinking.

  • 'Living in a bubble' is the

  • expression we're looking at

  • in this programme.

  • Ahhh, that makes more sense.

  • I just imagined that might have

  • got stuck in a bubble after

  • washing her hands.

  • Roy, your imagination never ceases

  • to amaze me. You know what

  • we should do?

  • I think we should listen

  • to some examples...

  • Bob and his friends think that climate

  • change isn't real. They live in a bubble.

  • Nelson lives in a bubble. He never tries

  • new food or goes out with new people.

  • Geraldine doesn't want to meet my new

  • friends - she thinks they live in a bubble.

  • This is The English We Speak from

  • BBC Learning English, and

  • we're talking about the expression

  • 'living in a bubble' which is used to

  • describe someone who doesn't

  • listen to people with

  • different ideas, or maybe

  • is a little sheltered from society.

  • I think it's sad when people live

  • in a bubble because they don't

  • get to experience new ideas

  • or have their minds changed.

  • I don't live in a bubble. It's why I like

  • working with you - because you

  • have very different

  • ideas to me and I like to listen to them.

  • You're always wrong, but I still like you.

  • Thanks Feifei - I guess I should take

  • this sword back to the museum.

  • You should. Bye, Roy.

  • Bye.

Hello. This is The English We Speak

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What does 'living in a bubble' mean? - The English We Speak

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