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  • I'm impressed by this because during the pandemic, so many stand up comedians.

  • You're saying, Well, I can't work.

  • I can't go to a club.

  • You've been picking some really unusual venues you've been doing.

  • Stand up.

  • We have a picture here.

  • If you want a porch.

  • Where is this?

  • Is this L A r?

  • It was somewhere near USC.

  • USC?

  • Yeah, but I was crowded.

  • Crowd looks e can't really I can't tell if you're bombing there or what.

  • Can't tell what's happening.

  • What's okay and what's okay.

  • Uh, it was Ah, a lady.

  • A nurse who works at Cedars.

  • I she she reached out, and I e said I would perform it for front lawn.

  • And those were a few of her neighbors that came by.

  • That's nice.

  • I bought.

  • Yeah, I bought a little speaker and microphone from Guitar Center and I said, Let's do this.

  • And I went I told I performed at a baseball park once.

  • Um, and a tree house.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • We have a picture of what's happening here because here you are in a tree house, perform again.

  • Can't tell how it's going over, but like a slightly better than you to me that this was this was great, Because two things performing in a tree house brought the kid energy even more alive in my jokes, you know, and on.

  • And then, uh, that height level, you know, being above so high gave me a lot of power, right?

  • Yeah.

  • You look like you could be a stand up or a dictator.

  • You look like you could be a a cruel, arbitrary dictator who works with a little Is that Is that a little girl you're you're doing?

  • Who is Who is your co star in this?

  • That No, that was so my friend Cindy.

  • That's her daughter, Liana.

  • And that's her Leona's tree house.

  • So she was, of course, Like, who is this person up here in my tree house?

  • So she stood by me like a little bodyguard.

  • He looks like your height, man.

  • You know, it's there to like Oh, yeah.

  • Uh huh.

  • That's right.

  • Preach.

  • Tell it That looks like fun, though.

  • It was really That was my favorite.

  • That was so fun.

  • So when do you guys I wanna make sure I get the word out because you start up again.

  • Uh, start out live returns October 3rd October 3rd A to 11.

  • 30 on NBC.

  • Uh, Melissa, Thank you so much.

  • It really It really is a joy to talk to you.

  • And congratulations on everything.

  • It's Thanks, Conan.

  • Yeah.

  • Call you Conan.

  • Are are we on or don't you say, Mr E?

  • That is my name E I would love you to call me Conan That would No, no, you know, Melissa, thank you so much and take care of you too.

I'm impressed by this because during the pandemic, so many stand up comedians.

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Melissa Villaseñor Has Performed At Some Unique Venues - CONAN on TBS

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