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  • hot pot, spicy noodles, Mapo tofu.

  • All of these dishes come from the southwest corner of China, which is known for its affinity for spice.

  • Today we're focusing on the food of Sichuan and Chongqing.

  • Chinese food is more than just stir fry noodles and dumplings.

  • I'm Claressa and I'm taking you on a journey through China to try authentic Chinese food region by region, Sichuan and Chongqing are on the southwest corridor of China.

  • They used to be part of the same province, but in 1997 tanking became its own municipality.

  • Still, they share the same food culture may well be O e to change the whole woman.

  • You're not cover and shall just so you mean What Sichuan and Chongqing have in common is their love for spicy and numbing things.

  • And locals say that's because of the geography.

  • What translates to numbing and spicy?

  • It's made possible by peppercorns and chili peppers.

  • Former is native to China, and the latter came to China via South America in the 17th century by Portuguese traders.

  • Sichuan food is also heavy on salt because this place to the gong was the epicenter of salt production in China at one point, the city supplied a third of all salt consumed in the country.

  • Salt was also used for preservation, which is why you'll find a lot of fermented vegetables in Sichuan.

  • Cuisine number.

  • How you just for a, uh, a woman.

  • Fermented hot sauces.

  • Air, also very common, like petion open.

  • Made with H broad beans and chili, these pungent flavors are a hallmark of Sichuan cuisine.

  • Food is literally dipped in spice.

  • This area is also the capital of hot pot, which is a cauldron of spicy broth where the ingredients are cooked table side.

  • In fact, taunting is the capital of hot pot, where there are over 10,000 shops dedicated to the dish.

  • Tripe and other types of awful are especially loved as hot pot ingredients, mostly because they're cheap.

  • In fact, in taunting, there are markets dedicated to selling things for hot pot restaurants that open at night and close early in the morning.

  • Leafy greens are another staple of the hot pot table, and this region is full of them.

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  • You're fertile.

  • Land also means lots of animals, and there's one that's especially beloved as food in Sichuan Rabbit fur.

  • There's a E with that's it for the toll.

  • Chengdu is in the Sichuan Basin, and it's flanked by mountains on all sides.

  • And there's the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau on the West.

  • Because the land is so fertile because of the warm and wet climate, it's actually a perfect breeding ground for rabbits and rabbits, of course, breed like rabbits.

  • And so there's a lot of rabbit meat in Sichuan, and people really love eating it up.

  • Next we have a food tour and launching filled with spicy dishes and a whole episode dedicated to fermentation, where I learned how to make lacto fermented pickles in the Sichuan countryside stay tuned.

hot pot, spicy noodles, Mapo tofu.

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