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  • do you believe the Dolphins, now that they have given them all the to, uh, would entertain trade considerations for Ryan Fitzpatrick?

  • I don't think that's their intention.

  • I mean, as is the case with almost anyone.

  • If someone calls and makes a great offer, you listen.

  • But there they believe Ryan Fitzpatrick is important for to a ton of Milo, that he's already been extremely helpful to his development, that he'll continue to be extremely helpful for his development.

  • And don't underestimate this.

  • If something goes wrong with two, if it turns out he's not ready if he were toe, hopefully it doesn't happen if he were to get injured.

  • Fitzpatrick is not a guy who's going to, you know, shut down because he got benched.

  • He knew this was coming, and if they need him again, they'll get what they've been getting from him s so far this season.

  • It's an interesting point, though, so let me sort of flip it.

  • Then, on its other side, Dominique, should someone be calling Miami for him?

  • Is there a team out there that you think is Ryan Fitzpatrick away from making maybe a deep playoff run?

  • I mean, the thing is Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the quarterback that you think of is gonna take you deep in the playoffs, but you said it earlier is he's like the best bridge quarterback in history, and I think that maybe the Browns are looking for a bridge quarterback right now.

  • So that's the only team that I would consider right now because they're a team that would love to make the playoffs.

  • Don't need to win the Super Bowl, but I think it's unlikely that they're gonna go that direction because they got another bridge quarterback on their bench in case Keenum.

  • I think they're more likely toe hand the reins to case Keenum and have him be there.

  • Bridge and go after Fitzpatrick.

  • Browns were one of the places that I was thinking of.

  • Ryan and the Cowboys are the other.

  • If they don't believe that Andy Dalton was one bad night, would they be better off with those two teams in your mind?

  • RCB.

  • Better off with Ryan Fitzpatrick than what they have.

  • Yeah, greeny.

  • I'm gonna do a little hosting and ask a question.

  • Has any team in Ryan Fitzpatrick over a decade and a half of football been a Ryan Fitzpatrick away from a deep playoff.

  • Does any?

  • Oh, no, it ain't gonna be a team.

  • Now he is.

  • Now.

  • He is an excellent bridge quarterback.

  • Whether it's Golden Gate, Brooklyn, the greater you know, that's what Ryan Fitzpatrick is.

  • But I think I also think he's the perfect piece.

  • Toe what the Miami Dolphins are doing.

  • You don't know how well Tour is gonna play.

  • You don't know if he can if he gets injured.

  • And what you do know is if you put Ryan Fitzpatrick back in there, he picks up right where he left off because he is self aware.

  • He's used to being in this position.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick is supposed to be a Miami Dolphin right now.

  • This is his time to be the leader of that team.

  • Still, and so I don't think they trade them.

  • But I also don't believe that he's the quarterback that goes somewhere else and makes that huge of a difference based on on if they're gonna win playoff games or not.

  • Okay, so with that thought in mind, let's finish it up with two and again.

  • Desmond Howard, you who covered him all through college.

  • Do you believe he is ready to step in right now for a team that's playing well and might be thinking postseason thoughts.

  • Is he going to step in there and play that well immediately for Miami?

  • Thing I know about Bryan Flores Green is he's a straight shooter.

  • He shoots from the hip and he's been a guy who he hasn't strayed away from his message or Chris Greer's message from Day one.

  • And they said that when two is ready, they believe that he is.

  • They're gonna put him out there in the field.

  • So now it's timeto take him out of the bubble wrap and let him do what they drafted him to do.

  • So I believe that they think that they've seen enough that he's ready, and I think he's gonna add an extra element to this office that they're gonna be a little more explosive than people expect.

  • So I'm excited about this move with two.

  • We're starting in two weeks for the Miami Dolphins on.

  • There are two factors in the timing, Dan Graziano.

  • Quickly, here is we're just about out of time.

  • That may have adjusted things.

  • One thereby we got moved up based on the coronavirus changes to the other rookie quarterbacks have played so well the Justin Herbert performance that that has to have placed some pressure to some degree on the Dolphins here.

  • No, I don't.

  • I don't think that has influenced the Dolphins.

  • I really believe that they have approached this as this is our plan and our quarterback of the future.

  • I think if you look around the league and you see Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow performing well, it might give you a little bit of internal confidence like, Hey, a rookie can succeed right away and we believe our guy has the stuff inside of him to do it.

  • But this was all about two.

  • And when he's ready and when he is ready to help them, okay, And so the question that I put up on Twitter today at ESPN Greeny is.

  • Which team do you think wins that division with two at quarterback?

  • Not too many people buying the Dolphins hashtag bills.

  • Mafia is out in full force today, no question, 70% backing the Bills.

  • A little support for New England, even less from Miami and other is this'll Joy.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

do you believe the Dolphins, now that they have given them all the to, uh, would entertain trade considerations for Ryan Fitzpatrick?

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