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  • Hi, pal who wanna play a tricky game?

  • Why Onley follow what I do if I say Mickey, Spooky says.

  • Ready, Mickey, Spooky says.

  • Like a ghost, Mickey Spooky says.

  • Ride a broom like a witch.

  • Yeah, like a cat.

  • Oh, Mickey didn't say Spooky, says Mickey.

  • Spooky says, Have a spectacular day.

  • Trick or treat Hot dog a treat.

  • Hey, want to create a fun costume with me?

  • Okay, let's dress up Mini as a bow.

  • UNIFIL bumble bee Oh, the yellow and black stripes look super boot and some bow testing antennas flaying the wings.

  • And don't forget the Stinger.

  • Let's go again.

  • Let's dress up.

  • Casey is a real life hero.

  • A doctor, for starters, some spooktacular scrubs.

  • That's what they call their uniforms.

  • Oh, and the last count stethoscope.

  • Check on.

  • Gotta remember the mask.

  • Let's play again.

  • Let's dress up.

  • Kiesa!

  • Magical unicorn.

  • Ooh, I love this happy little horn.

  • Her tail is gonna need to be a little longer.

  • And what about wings?

  • For the finishing touch?

  • Everything's better with rainbow colors.

  • Dressing up is so much fun, isn't it?

  • Who wants a treat?

  • Great.

  • I'll show you how to make some hot diggity healthy Halloween snacks.

  • First up banana ghosts.

  • All you need is a banana and some chocolate chips.

  • Having grown up, cut the banana in half, then place too many chocolate chips for eyes and a bear.

  • One for the mouth.

  • Yum ghosting goodness.

  • Next, peel a clementine orange, then have a grown up.

  • Cut a celery stick into small pieces and put one on top of the orange.

  • Okay, you have the perfect little pumpkin.

  • I'll show you how to make us spectacular pumpkin.

  • Let's make a scaredy cat first Painter pumpkin black, then cut out different color paper and glue it on to make ears, eyes and a nose.

  • Or you can paint instead.

  • Hm.

  • What's missing, Right?

  • Whiskers.

  • You conclude on pipe cleaners for instant whiskers.

  • How diggety dog, or should I say cat?

  • Now let's make a silly spider.

  • First, cut out two triangles in an oval, then glue them on to make a face.

  • Or you can draw Mom with a marker instead.

  • Now, to make the legs bend eight pipe cleaners and have a grown up help you stick them in the sides.

  • I'm so proud of our creepy crawly creation.

  • Hooray!

  • Pumpkin perfection beep boop beep.

  • I made a robot costume.

  • I want to know how you can make your own costumes at home.

  • I'll show you how I made a robot.

  • First.

  • Haven't grown up.

  • Cut holes in the top and sides of the box for your head and arms, then paint the box silver next decorated.

  • However you want by painting, drawing with markers, heart gluing on fund shapes.

  • Ask a grown up to help make your special costume powering down.

  • Something's in the air.

  • Feelings get pumpkins everywhere staring at.

Hi, pal who wanna play a tricky game?

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