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  • buh bye.

  • Hi.

  • I'm baby Shark Brooklyn.

  • Subscribe Hit the bell and like baby shark Brooklyn Baby Shark Dance with bright brush Oh, no, My store Light King Fung King Fun King Fun What's wrong?

  • Pios?

  • Starlight is gone.

  • Oh, King Funk, Are you hurt?

  • Yeah.

  • I've had a to fake since yesterday.

  • The cavity germ took it.

  • Uh, What's that?

  • Over here.

  • Hi, friends.

  • My name is Bright Brush Pio lost its power because of tooth pain caused by cavities.

  • Don't worry.

  • If you defeat the cavity germs, you can get your Starlight back.

  • I'll help you.

  • Okay?

  • You came to look for the Starlight.

  • It won't be easy.

  • Press the button to choose the game Baby shark, son Brush up and down e do do do do without Starlight I feel weak Keep brushing brush up and down e yea you did Because the cavity deserves Wow peel Starlight return We'll relieve pink fall Hang Fung!

  • From now on you have to brush your teeth Well, Yeah, of course.

buh bye.

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