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  • Today we're in Yanagawa City in Fukuoka Prefecture, and we're going to uh...

  • Kawa-kudari! We're going to kawa-kudari so hard!

  • Although I've lived in Kyushu for over 10 years now, I had always wanted to come here

  • but I never really had the chance until today.

  • You can rent a hat!

  • Do you want it?

  • So while we were here, Tatsu and I decided to go FULL TOURIST.

  • Yay!

  • Luckily for us, the other tourists also decided to go "full tourist" too.

  • A one-way trip down the river typically takes about 70 minutes, and visitors come from all

  • over Japan to experience this relaxing trip through one of Kyushu's more traditional

  • towns.

  • It's still a bit cold out, so the boats are equipped with Kotatsu! Heated blankets

  • and tables to keep your legs toasty during the hour-long boat ride.

  • It's a relaxing trip, with tons of amazing photo opportunities, oh and the occasional

  • drama as well.

  • If you time your boat ride right, you'll be pretty hungry by the time you get off.

  • And luckily, Yanagawa is famous for it's food as well.

  • So the other thing that Yanagawa City is known for is it's delicious "eel", so we are waiting

  • in line at a place. It must be good if there's a line!

  • I'm gunna try some eel!

  • Eel is so popular in Yanagawa that there are over ten restaurants in the city that specialize

  • in serving it. When in doubt though, it's the Japanese way to always trust the restaurant

  • with the longest line.

  • So now we have moved to a "koshitsu" which is not really a "koshitsu" because we're sharing

  • it with someone else.

  • No vlogging zone! Because they're are people right next to us. I like how they put this

  • wall (partition) here, like, this will make it all better.

  • But it doesn't because we can still see them!

  • It's too quiet!

  • This is a nice picture!

  • Isn't it!

  • What?

  • Ah, I thought this one was cute.

  • I love this photo.

  • Should I send it to you?

  • Yeah.

  • Unagi No Seiro Mushi is the most popular way to eat eel here, steamed in a bamboo basket

  • and served with rice and egg, it's soft and sweet, and is said to give you lots of

  • energy.

  • So they said if we go to the 2nd floor, they have "Hina Dolls"

  • Woah this is really cool!

  • Hina Matsuri the festival of dolls, is celebrated on March 3rd, and is a time when families

  • pray for the prosperity of their young daughters.

  • Families traditionally decorate their home with Hina dolls in February, in the weeks

  • leading up to Hina-Matsuri, but in Yanagawa, they have the added tradition of makingSagemon”.

  • These hanging dolls are meant to bring luck, and are usually made to celebrate a daughter's

  • first Hina-Matsuri.

  • This looks nice, hey Tatsu!?

  • Tatsu?

  • Huh?

  • What are you doing!?

  • Yanagawa, I think, in essence, is a good half-day trip. I don't think you need to be here too

  • late, it's not something that will take all day, like if you come in the afternoon, take

  • a boat ride, eat some unagi (eel), you're good!

  • It's a good way to experience something you don't get to experience everyday in Fukuoka

  • or even Japan, so yeah.

Today we're in Yanagawa City in Fukuoka Prefecture, and we're going to uh...

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福岡のベニス、柳川にいってきた!Fukuoka's "Venice" in Yanagawa City

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