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  • Hello, This is Elliot from E.

  • T.

  • J english dot com.

  • Today I'm doing a quick video on my phone just to talk to you about setting goals when you're learning English.

  • Now, if you don't know what a goal is, a goal is something you want to achieve or something you want to see yourself.

  • Be better at or be good at in the future.

  • We like to set goals when we learn English, because it helps us with our improvement on with our motivation.

  • Andi ITT's something that should never be for gotten when you're learning English because you need goals in order to motivate yourself.

  • So my idea with setting goals when you're learning English is to think about what you're good at now.

  • What can you do now on what can you not do Very well.

  • So let's say, for example, now you're very good at vocabulary.

  • You know a lot of words, and you're good with your vocabulary.

  • But maybe you're not very good at pronunciation.

  • You don't enjoy learning it, or you're just generally not that good at it.

  • The best way to resolve this issue is to take maybe just a little break from what you're good at and start focusing for a period of time on what you're not quite as good at.

  • So we'll carry on with this example and say that you want to improve your pronunciation.

  • What you need to do is record yourself speaking.

  • Now record yourself, saying a phrase from a book, something you've written down, something that you've seen in a movie or in a YouTube video.

  • Andi, just record yourself on a video or in a voice recorder.

  • Andi, what you're going to do now is listen to it back and think about what's not quite right about it.

  • How can you sound mawr like a native English speaker?

  • Then you need to work on it, and you need to set yourself a time frame for yourself to practice and improve this phrase or this sentence, whatever it is.

  • Andi, spend all this time every day or every other day.

  • However you learn practicing the pronunciation or whatever it is that you need to improve.

  • Keep practicing on Let's say you give yourself a month.

  • Andi.

  • After one month, you want to be able to pronounce this phrase or sentence like a native speaker or you want to sound clear on confident when you say it.

  • So after all this practicing, record yourself again speaking Andi, Compare the to compare it to the recording you did before and see if there's any improvement.

  • There should be if you've been practicing, so this is what we do when we set goals.

  • We give ourselves an amount of time and we say what we want to achieve after that amount of time, you can do it with vocabulary.

  • If you want to learn more words, set yourself that you want to learn to new words every day for a month.

  • By the end of that month, you should be able to have learned all of those words.

  • You can set yourself goals, however you want.

  • Thio.

  • There's plenty of ways to do it.

  • Obviously, another great way to speed up your English learning and become a fluent English speaker much quicker is by having a native person to speak to.

  • That's why I'm here.

  • I'm an English teacher.

  • I teach English online to people like you.

  • So for those of you who aren't in lessons with me already, you probably need a coach or a guide or someone to help you with all of this learning and these techniques.

  • I have lots of techniques on lots off information that I could give you to speed up your English learning as well as teaching you the vocabulary, grammar and everything else.

  • So if you're interested, don't forget to go over to my website.

  • Www dot e t j english dot com on you can book your first trial lesson with me.

  • Start setting yourself goals and see what you can do.

  • Please leave any questions you have for me in the comments section.

  • I will reply to you and I will be able to help you.

  • I'll see you all in the next video.

  • Thank you very much.

Hello, This is Elliot from E.

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Learning English By Setting Goals

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