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  • So we beat on boats against the current born back ceaselessly into the past Great line from the great American novel.

  • Maybe not so great for the typical American newscast.

  • Hi, I'm Carla Zeus.

  • I'm the anchor and writer of CNN 10 which means I write everything I say for the show.

  • And because we cover a wide range of subjects in just 10 minutes, I've had to sharpen my skills and writing in the most dynamic way I can.

  • CNN 10 is teaming up with a T and T s Youth Voices Collective.

  • It's a program developed to support student expression and teach writing in journalism skills to young writers.

  • Collaborating organizations include 8 to 6 national 6 ft of separation and box A.

  • T.

  • L.

  • It's time to get your virtual quill ready, y'all because it's all about putting pen to paper or script to screen.

  • We have a question coming in from a student from 6 ft of separation.

  • Ah, publication by and for young people created during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • I told my name is Sandy.

  • I live in Delhi, which is in India.

  • I like toe follow news.

  • Can you please tell me how to be a good news writer.

  • Thank you.

  • Well, first off, you got to know your audience.

  • Who are you writing for?

  • If it's a new, savvy group of adult voters who are up on all the latest political developments, you can get to the point quickly, without needing to give much background information.

  • CNN 10 is an explainer show, a new show for people who may not watch the news.

  • Otherwise, our main goal is to explain and inform our viewers about what's going on, giving them a bird's eye view of what's making news and why.

  • Here's why it's complicated.

  • No member of the European Union has left the group since it was established in 1993 so our approach may involve more background info.

  • It might involve history.

  • It might include a quick synopsis of a problem that's plaguing the world.

  • This sometimes requires a little more research on our part.

  • Our down the middle coverage of world events begins with a recap of a recent meeting between delegates from the United States and North Korea.

  • Because the first topic on our show is usually hard news and it's more serious, I tend to be more reverent with it.

  • So tip, too.

  • Be respectful of the story you're presenting, the people it effects and the people who are watching on CNN.

  • 10.

  • Our audiences.

  • Several million viewers on a given day.

  • It includes middle and high school students, college students, adults, servicemen and women, home school students and their parents.

  • Overall, it's a younger but still wide age range, so we want to cover the major events taking place around the world.

  • But we want the show to be a family.

  • Friendly is the news itself allows, so clear explanations are our priority.

  • Graphic descriptions are not down.

  • The middle explanations are our priority.

  • Opinionated characterizations are not.

  • When it comes to feature stories, which are usually less urgent than hard news, our focus shifts to information that has more human interest.

  • Listen to the change in tone when we switched gears to a story about fun Guy.

  • The American Mushroom Institute says the US is producing mawr mushrooms per month than it ever has before.

  • The industry trade group credits the increasing popularity of plant based diets for the mushrooming changes, but they're not just for salads.

  • Mushrooms can be used to make everything from furniture to clothing to shipping materials with features.

  • We always aim for a bit of trivia, maybe some auxiliary information you can learn from, and possibly even a pun.

  • And when it comes to kickers and news, the fund clips that often become viral videos that's when it's usually safe to let your news writing creativity take flight for us.

  • We like to n CNN 10 with puns.

  • We've heard of water damage, but that's ice ice, baby cheetah puns.

  • You knew they'd have to be fast.

  • Better to run than to be left in races.

  • Pieces for A T and T s Youth Voices collected in CNN 10.

  • I'm Carl Jesus.

So we beat on boats against the current born back ceaselessly into the past Great line from the great American novel.

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