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You like women? Yes
How's it going? Good I'm Adam. I'm Jeff nice to meet you
Hi I'm Kaitlyn
You look nervous
I'm always nervous
I'm a pretty nervous guy
This is Keddy
Hi nice to meet you
Why did you ever think it was a sin?
Because it says so in the bible
So which one of you is gay?
Right here
We were taught that it's wrong
How do you kiss another guy? I don't get that
The same way you kiss another girl
So are you gay?
You're so pretty to be gay
I feel like gay men have more sex than straight men
I don't know I've been with my boyfriend for 10 years and I've never had sex with
anybody else
Well I play the banjo
That's cute
I don't have a natural response to that
You're kind of cute
That doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt? No
I like your lipstick
Thank you
I could do without the gay parade
Then don't go
If you didn't know would you think I was gay?
You'd knew?
Of course I mean look at you you're gorgeous
We can start with a handshake
Do you want to just go for it?
I've never you know
Should we start with hugging first
Fine fine
Okay now give a good. Oh yeah there we go
It's okay right?
You're easy to hug
Squishing, our boobs together? Okay
Okay lets bring it in for a hug here
I'll try not to hug too strong
It's going to be a bro hug?
I did shave before coming so I'm probably a little less scary
My face
You kind of remind me of my husband do you know that?
I'm still normal you're still normal
Same people just hugging
You rock it like a super star
Yeah absolutely
You seem like a cool guy I just think your whole sex thing is kind of gross
I think your whole sex thing is kind of gross
Fair enough
It's true
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First Gay Hug (A Homophobic Experiment) | First Kiss Video

35215 Folder Collection
shuan published on May 25, 2017    林曉玉 translated
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