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  • Hello.

  • I'm John Russell.

  • Today.

  • Let's explore our last vowel sound.

  • Oy.

  • It isn't the prettiest of the vowel sounds, but you need to learn it to make the oy sound.

  • Your lips should begin in a slightly rounded position.

  • Then they should move slightly apart like this boy.

  • Boy, your tongue should be relaxed.

  • It should begin in a middle position toward the back of your mouth and end in, ah, high position toward the front of your mouth.

  • The oy sound has to common spellings, and they're pretty easy to remember.

  • Oh, I and oh, why common words spelled with the letters.

  • Oh, I include oil.

  • Avoid join oil.

  • Avoid join Common words spelled with the letters.

  • Oh, why include toy?

  • Enjoy, Employ toy.

  • Enjoy, employ.

  • Let's end this video with a quiz.

  • Can you tell how many times I say the oy sound in this sentence?

  • Write your answer in the comments section of the website.

  • Joyce had an appointment in Detroit.

  • Joyce had an appointment in Detroit.

  • That's all for today.


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