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  • Maintaining flow is similar to catching a current in the ocean.

  • Once you're in it, you seem to be gliding with the flow rather than

  • almost trying to hold on to it.

  • It's something that just comes to you and you stay with it.

  • Flow is when a person is in a highly focussed mental state

  • where nothing else seems to matter.

  • It occurs when your perceived skill level

  • and the challenge at hand are equal,

  • and you are as in control of your mind and body as you can be.

  • When I experience flow I just feel really, really focussed

  • and everything seems to works for me.

  • You just feel confident in everything you do

  • there's no negative thoughts coming in

  • so you just feel like you can perform to your best each time.

  • The key aspects of flow

  • are being able to perform a task seemingly automatically,

  • having absolute concentration on the task at hand,

  • maintaining a sense of control over the performance

  • and a loss of self-consciousness.

  • In tennis there can be tons of things that can distract you.

  • When it comes to sport, many athletes focus on the outcome of the game

  • the match or the race, the desire to win,

  • or they become distracted by how they played in the last point.

  • When athletes dwell on these egocentric thoughts

  • we'll often see them start to lose focus

  • and their performance starts to deteriorate.

  • The most difficult thing about staying in flow

  • is the external things.

  • Your opponent is obviously... Can be one of the most distracting things,

  • and just to isolate yourself sometimes from your opponent

  • and simply focus on what you're doing

  • really helps for more focus and flow display.

  • Although being in a state of flow is something that's usually associated

  • with high level athletes,

  • it's something that potentially anyone is able to achieve.

  • From playing an instrument

  • to a surgeon carrying out a complex operation.

  • But what can you do to give yourself the best possible chance

  • for achieving a state of flow?

  • Here are my tips to help increase the probability of flow

  • in your everyday life.

  • Sports psychologist Bob Rotella

  • highlighted the importance of letting go of memories of shots, good or bad,

  • and focus on the here and now,

  • as it really helps you focus on the process

  • and what you're specifically doing at that moment in time.

  • This could be achieved through setting mastery orientated goals,

  • and you can recite to yourself at times throughout the performance.

  • A key characteristic of flow is immediate feedback.

  • This can be provided by teammates,

  • coaches or yourself as you complete the activity.

  • When possible, try to figure out what you're doing well and why.

  • As well as what you can be doing better and how.

  • This will make you an active learner

  • and aid the development of future goals and targets

  • necessary to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Be a better practitioner of your skills, not a goal chaser.

  • This feedback can be based on your pre-set mastery orientated goals.

  • Am I achieving these or not? What can I do to achieve these?

  • Doing this as quickly as possible

  • will help you effectively move on from situations,

  • and focus on the present.

  • If the task is too easy then focus is extremely difficult to achieve

  • and it may become tedious.

  • If the task is too difficult

  • you may feel anxious about whether or not you can meet the demands.

  • Make sure you always set yourself goals that match your skill level,

  • but also challenge you.

  • When you achieve these goals,

  • set yourself more challenging targets in order to remain in flow.

  • I personally find flow quite easy to remain in but hard to find.

  • But once you find it, you're in the zone

  • an d, as it says, you just flow through the match.

  • Thanks for watching! :)

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Maintaining flow is similar to catching a current in the ocean.

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