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  • Hey, everybody.

  • We have brand new db X and Death Race T shirts in the Rooster T store, So just had to store dot rooster teeth dot com and pick some up.

  • Son Goku, This super san has seen his fair share of world no universe ending threats.

  • But he hadn't seen anyone treat mass slaughter like a job until he met a god of destruction.

  • Because it is their job.

  • Ah, God of destructions.

  • Role is to well destroy ancient planets and civilizations to make way for the new sort of like taking out the trash just with a billion times more murder.

  • And in the case of universe number seven, the title of Destroyer was granted Toe Lord virus.

  • Ah, cat.

  • Obviously everyone knows cats are all secretly plotting to kill everyone.

  • Held God of destruction is what my ex wife named hers.

  • One fact, while dogs have been bred his companions for thousands of years, the same Onley technically started for cats around 200 years ago in comparison there still sort of wild animals which makes themselves sufficient but also standoffish and lazy.

  • Then beers, maybe the apotheosis of all cat dumb when he's not effortlessly annihilating solar systems.

  • He's napping for decades, but when he wakes up, he takes his job seriously.

  • He's way stronger and faster than any mortal Look at him go.

  • That's his gut of destructions.

  • Wrath technique.

  • He's got spears of destruction, beams of destruction, sneezes of destruction, giant energy yard, walls of destruction.

  • Oh, and had a glistening orbs.

  • Yeah, he can neutralize energy attacks from others, which is, frankly, just unfair.

  • But his most awe inspiring technique is Hawkeye.

  • Hawkeye channels his destruction energy to obliterate anything in an instant, erasing both body and soul from existence.

  • The on leeway to resist is to match virus in power.

  • Wait a minute.

  • Does this mean that all kids could do this the whole time?

  • Come on, whiz.

  • We gotta stuck up on weapons.

  • It's time to kill every land cat on this planet.

  • Well, okay.

  • When he comes down, we'll be back in just a few days.

  • To cover beers is equally destructive.

Hey, everybody.

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Beerus Destroys in DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/25
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