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  • So you going to comic-con this year?

  • hello đồ què

  • It's like a massive ant farm, except the ants wear costumes and carry giant bags everywhere.

  • Get your butt to the con right now

  • You can't make me! (mumbles in to the distance)

  • (crowd starts cheering and clapping)

  • Are you having fun?

  • (cheering)

  • Just this image alone is funny -

  • (laughing)

  • Then, Chris decided to add a little booty shake

  • "It's even ruder to point at butts!"

  • That's Chris having an argument with himself (laughs)

  • I had to draw Deadpool holding Fred Savage

  • like he's Simba from Lion King

  • We had the idea right when Guardians of the Galaxy 2 came out.

  • So we tested it just to see what it would look like going through all the footage

  • (monotone voice) "Thank you for killing that space monster."

  • "You stole their batteries??"

  • "I'm your dad, Peter." (crowd laughs)

  • "okay this is really suspicious but whatever HI father!"

  • "let's all go to my planet!"

  • (crowd laughs)

  • I think that last one there is what cemented us wanting to actually say,

  • Okay we gotta do it now

  • "I will soften your fall with my metal feet!"

  • I hit pause and was like "Did that just happen?

  • (various "I am Batman"s)

  • There's probably like a hundred other "I'm Batman"s that didn't get used

  • Thank you guys so much!

  • (crowd cheers and claps)

  • (upbeat background music)

  • Because I'm Batman (x3)

So you going to comic-con this year?

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