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  • go 13 of the sustainable development goals.

  • Climate action.

  • Things in your home that are linked to climate change meet the Johnson family.

  • Like many other families in the world, they are linked to climate change.

  • This is because typical household items and activities directly influenced climate change.

  • Throwing away junk mail creates more greenhouse gasses than New York City produces.

  • Plastic bags produce carbon dioxide from the oil burned to make them, and most end up in landfills.

  • Crops being used to make coffee and chocolate are affected by climate change due to the rising temperatures in the areas they grow, one in six animal species around the world can become extinct over the next century due to the effects of climate change.

  • Just like the Johnson family, most of our homes and activities are contributing to climate change.

  • People are making household changes to help reduce climate change.

  • Reducing the number of plastic bags used at home is just one way to limit negative effects of climate change.

  • The crops creating coffee and chocolate can be changed by adding vegetation around the areas they grow.

  • Scientists air supercharging some plants by reengineering enzymes to produce organisms that helped turn carbon dioxide into energy more efficiently rather than getting all of their carbon dioxide from the air.

  • For certain, Funky can attach to crops and pull in extra nutrients from the soil.

  • Remember to keep your home in mind when it comes to reducing climate change.

go 13 of the sustainable development goals.

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