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  • so well documented the struggles he's had in the postseason.

  • Yesterday, however, his fourth postseason outing with two or fewer hits allowed in six plus innings of work, which ties the baseball postseason record with Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander.

  • So obviously, there's been some up, and there's been some down for him as we bring Jessica back in and I opened the show by saying the Stars were out for the Hollywood team last night.

  • Let's start with Kershaw.

  • How did he dominate this game?

  • Did you see the grin on his face?

  • Postgame was the last time you saw him smiling like that in October, but really greeny.

  • What he did was the swing and miss for him to be able.

  • There were 38 swings on his pitches within the strike zone.

  • 19 of them were missed.

  • To put that in perspective, that's 50%.

  • He has never had 50% swing and miss in any start in any regular season game postseason.

  • Think about his career.

  • He was dominant.

  • We talked about that first inning where he struggled after that flat out sit down.

  • Every single Tampa Bay was right there, raise hitter that came up to the plate.

  • He did not give them a chance.

  • They could never get into this ballgame.

  • Greeny.

  • You know they couldn't.

  • And part of the reason that was the other of the two Dodgers stars.

  • And that's Mookie Betts.

  • So when I woke up this morning, Jessica, the name Mike Trout was trending, and I thought to myself, What happened with Mike Trout?

  • People are now comparing Mookie Betts and saying he's the best player in baseball all around, not Trout.

  • When you hear that, what's your reaction?

  • Mike Trout's not playing in the postseason.

  • I mean, this is the biggest stage you get.

  • More fans, more people that weren't watching in the regular season.

  • Let's be real.

  • Mike Trout is still the best player in baseball, but Mookie Betts what he has done, first of all, the doubles, the singles, but the stolen bases he manufactured around he stole second, stole third and by the way, pretty much stole home because it was a ground ball that Did you see the jump on that?

  • I mean, he was able to get home by a walk, stolen base and then coming and then the home run to cap it off.

  • I mean, this is showcasing just what really amazing baseball players could do in the postseason.

  • Mike Trout isn't here.

  • We can't see him.

  • Everyone else isn't able to watch Mike Trout, but they could see Mookie Betts.

  • That's right, and again when Mookie Betts has an inning that no one has had since Babe Ruth in 1921.

  • You know something special is happening, right?

  • Jessica, stay close by.

  • Will preview game to a little bit later with you in this program.

  • Thank you.

  • Did Kershaw dominate the raise in Game one?

  • The swing and miss, I mean his stuff.

  • We talked about him not landing the slider.

  • Oh, he found it in that second inning.

  • He had 38 swings.

  • 19 were Mrs.

  • That's a 50% all going to do the math for you.

  • He's never done that in his career.

  • In fact, no starting pitcher has ever had a 50% swing.

  • And miss, if you can't make contact, if you're not able to hit the ball and even put it into play, you have zero chance.

  • And Clayton Kershaw, for as good as he's been and all the things we can talk about him being the go and everything.

  • This is when it matters for him.

  • He has to prove himself.

  • In October.

  • He did so in Game one of the World Series.

  • And so now the Rays will send Blake Snell to the mound tonight to try and even things up.

  • And you and I had a chat on SportsCenter this morning before we came on the air with get up.

  • They have a big edge tonight.

  • The Rays do based on scheduling and the way the Dodgers will have to go tonight.

  • Yeah, they have to go with a bullpen game.

  • They're going to start Tony Gosselin and you think about it.

  • The Rays were ableto end that Game seven on Saturday.

  • The Dodgers had to go to Sunday.

  • You're thinking it's 24 hours.

  • They played seven straight days.

  • That huge 24 hours allowed the Rays to set up their starting pitching the way they wanted.

  • The Dodgers find themselves in a bit of a hole in Game two.

  • This is the advantage now.

  • Blake Snell.

  • We saw it with Tyler Glass.

  • Now he had six walks, Blake Snell Ah, 100 plus pitches and three and a third inning his last outing.

  • He has.

  • Thio has to go after these hitters.

  • The Dodgers are so patient, Blake Snell has the stuff.

  • Remember, he won the Cy Young in 2000 and 18 so this is advantage raise.

  • If Snell can throw strikes, an attack, this lethal Dodgers offense.

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so well documented the struggles he's had in the postseason.

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