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  • all right, we've got SportsCenter's top 10 coming up a little later in the show.

  • As you know, those are the absolute best plays of the night.

  • No faking allowed, but the flop 10.

  • Well, that's a different story.

  • What's it mean to flop sweat?

  • You know, that's like when you're when you're nervous and you and your and your and you're not performing well because we've got some basketball players who was starting to feel a little flop sweat, hoping that they're not in The Phantom of the Flopper from the N ba bubble exclusively these air your 10 best floppers at number 10.

  • It's rapture.

  • Celtics Eastern Semis Game six.

  • Kyle Lowry comes out on Brad Wanamaker.

  • Oh no, there's a man down!

  • Wanamaker drives Hey, just got RKO by Randy Orton Oh, wrestling reference.

  • No foul was called more from this game Later.

  • Number 9 August 11th Blazers and Mavericks Maxie Cleber lowers his shoulder into Carmelo, Anthony and Anthony.

  • He may never recover.

  • Oh, went down like a sack of potatoes.

  • Nuggets, Lakers Western Finals.

  • He shouldered the offensive fouls Dwight Howard in the paint backing down Nicola Yokich, Listen, come on.

  • I thought crypto might was your thing.

  • That yoke.

  • It's Superman.

  • Your gets called for the foul, heated Lakers NBA Finals game to watch.

  • Alex Caruso goes in for the rebound and he flings his entire body to really, really sell it.

  • And Kendrick Nunn called for the loose ball foul.

  • So I mean sometimes flopping pace.

  • Momo, Come on!

  • Uh, at six.

  • Sixers Wizards, Mo Wagner, Joelle MBI and beat extends his arm.

  • Yes, yeah, visit a flop or a stumble, but no foul was called on the play.

  • August 4th.

  • Rockets and Blazers Gary Trend Junior defending James Harden.

  • Harden bumped into ball Trends.

  • Never been hit that hard in his life.

  • No three point, no foul called three point for Harden, though.

  • E remember doing the highlight of this game, and this was in the highlight, and I said, That is going to make flop Arra and it's Tyler hero and LeBron James gets it, and LeBron James gave him a stiffer Now I wasn't even gave him a little and heroin.

  • Oh yeah, LeBron strong.

  • Not that strong Rappers and Celtics Eastern semifinals Game six Fred Vanvleet kicks it out.

  • Marcus Smart goes up for the steal and collides with Marc Gasol.

  • Now he's giving up a lot of signs to Gasol, but I'm not really sure he broke his back like that.

  • Gasol call for the loose ball foul.

  • Call the doctor at two, Embiid six or spacers running after the loose ball.

  • Edmond Sumner.

  • No relation to Bobby Jack.

  • Summer.

  • I don't believe, but perhaps Sumner called for the foul.

  • Embiid joins the flock.

  • And for number one, we got flops all over the place.

  • Western Conference first round Game seven.

  • Chris Paul comes to defend Eric Gordon at half court and Paul immediately goes down as a play continues.

  • Gordon gets defended by Steven Adams and his Gordon loses the ball.

  • He attempts to flail backwards for the call.

  • It's under takeover possession.

  • James Harden comes up to defend Chris Paul is he attempts to draw an offensive foul.

  • He also hits the floor.

  • And here's that sequence again.

  • Chris Paul, Eric Gordon, James Harden all doing their best.

  • Flop it out for number one.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

all right, we've got SportsCenter's top 10 coming up a little later in the show.

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Phantom of the Flopera: The NBA Bubble's Top 10 Flops | SportsCenter

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