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  • Obviously, it wasn't the prettiest game, and it isn't the best division, but there were some good things.

  • Let's talk about what you Mark Sanchez saw from Carson Wentz on that game.

  • Winning touchdown.

  • You know what I saw was exactly what Dan Orlovsky preaches about his, you know, love affair for Carson Wentz.

  • And you could see it on that last play on that touchdown to Bostick.

  • Uh, Boston.

  • There.

  • Listen, Boston Scott.

  • Excuse me.

  • He sees Carson.

  • Wentz sees, too Defenders.

  • They're going to double this slot player.

  • He sees Jabrill Peppers one on one with his running back.

  • He knows that running backs tiny.

  • He confirms what he sees.

  • Pre snap right here sees both of those defenders covering who he wanted to go to in the slot.

  • What's he do?

  • He finds his matchup that he wants, but he also feels his right tackle because Lane Johnson's out.

  • This guy's in his lap.

  • He's gotta move.

  • He's got to make a quick movement.

  • He steps up in the pocket and delivers an absolute done.

  • This was one of the best throws I've seen him make all year, and he continues to dio Ah, lot more with less and listen, the cavalry's coming.

  • God, it's going to get healthy.

  • They're gonna get hurts back.

  • This could be the team that ends up, you know, winning this thing late and that early on that tie, everything we're saying bad about.

  • The Eagles might come back and just be what helps them later on in the year.

  • I r c.

  • I do sort of feel like that's a reasonable way to look at it.

  • The division is bad, but whence might be the difference and the reason the Eagles are the best team in it.

  • I think everybody sees it that way.

  • On Wednesday, when you asked, you know which team would win the NFC East?

  • I believe it was unanimous.

  • We all thought that it was the Philadelphia Eagles and because of Carson Wentz and what you want to say something about Boston?

  • Scott Boston Scott trains with me.

  • He was here the entire off season and every day, like we joke.

  • We have a little tennis ball machine and he would catch on tennis ball and he might do it for 30 minutes and it could be 500 tennis balls that that he that he shot at, and he might miss 400 but he's gonna make sure he catches as many as he's supposed to catch every day.

  • And so that's what This Eagles team, maybe they're gonna be a team of hard workers, a team of people that we are counting out.

  • And with Carson Wentz, they're gonna find ways to win games.

  • And if this team gets a little healthy, someone may lose the first round game to a team that's not even 500 that we've seen it happen before.

  • And it certainly could happen again.

  • Dianna Russini.

  • Let's go.

  • Big picture here.

  • Your sense on the NFC East in general right now.

  • Well, in regards to Carson Wentz, I feel like sometimes when winning will camouflage a lot of the flaws.

  • And while we can praise that, you know, last drive there, where he looked great, did we forget the other three quarters there?

  • You know he makes decisions sometimes that that have had very Eagles fans screaming, Why throw the ball?

  • He's always playing hero ball, and at what point are we going to see this growth in Carson Wentz and and I think that's the issue that so many people have with him at the quarterback position.

  • Besides, Dan Orlovsky is just at some point game situations.

  • He needs to just get better and understanding what's happening around him.

  • Because toe live in this space where you're so unsure all the time, which is, I think a lot of us are looking at him going.

  • We see the talent, we see the ability.

  • I sure see the toughness like the consistency.

  • But it's the consistency in the game awareness.

  • It's a consistency.

  • You need to be a superstar.

  • See, you could be a star, but it takes consistency.

  • To become a superstar is doing the little things well consistently.

  • And, you know, listen, this is gonna be the best team that Carson wins has been on for a long time because the rent is finally do and what Harry Rosen has been doing and kind of operating above the cap.

  • You talk about $64 million over the cap next year, they're gonna have to do a better job and bringing in talent around him.

  • They tried toe put all the troops together to win one more time.

  • You know, you think about Kelsey.

  • He looks older in the tooth.

  • Now Lane Johnson started to compromise Jason Peters.

  • And then you saw the Shine Jackson yesterday.

  • You know he's great when you can play.

  • The problem is, he hasn't been able to be healthy.

  • So the Carson Wentz in his, you know, massive contract is going to start to carry a lot of weight on how this team is gonna be in the future.

  • So they have to understand that the winning time for them is now, after this season is gonna have to be a massive reset.

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Obviously, it wasn't the prettiest game, and it isn't the best division, but there were some good things.

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