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  • I'm just back from the Great Lakes, which is a huge region in the middle of the U.

  • S.

  • It's home Thio, the five Great Lakes, which are the biggest body of freshwater in the whole world.

  • We started in Detroit, and we focused on its musical heritage.

  • So went on a tour of the Motown Museum.

  • You get to see the house is preserved exactly how it Waas.

  • In the heyday of Motown, we went to loads of different music venues in the music related places, just sort of so many musicians playing.

  • There's so much music everywhere.

  • Just Germany exploring Detroit, which is just such a course.

  • Ifly.

  • There's tons of things like Street are new restaurants and bars on Just had a great time to spring the downtown from Detroit.

  • We drove Thio Travis City, which is this really love beautiful little town.

  • What's really cool about Travel City is that it's it's the bottom of these two peninsulas which have this unique microclimate, which is really great for wine.

  • I never really heard of it being a wine region, but the winds really exception way took the S s badger across Lake Michigan.

  • It's on America's National Historic Register because it's the only coal fueled very left in America.

  • It was really cool to travel in this historic vote, and then we drove onwards to Madison in Wisconsin.

  • Madison is the capital of Wisconsin, and it's six on the strip of land between two legs.

  • Way took a food tour to some of the brilliant restaurants there.

  • We also went on a beer tour.

  • There's tons of microbreweries and new ones cropping up all the time.

  • They're doing some really exciting things with beer.

  • There was one that was a gluten free brewery and another one which had the most incredible we have had in my entire life, which was made with lavender and peach blossom.

  • E just tasted so good.

  • The last stop of the trip with Chicago, and it was really incredible.

  • Thio, look out and see on one side, all of the's dizzyingly high skyscrapers and then on the other, the kind of vast blue of Lake Michigan.

  • We went on a Chicago Architecture Foundation cruise along the Chicago River.

  • It was really cool to see all of the's incredible skyscrapers and beautiful art deco towers and just amazing buildings while gliding along the River Way also went up one of the tallest skyscrapers to the 3 60 observation deck, which is in the John Hancock Tower.

  • Views from their phenomenal you could see the whole of the city's read out really buzzing Metropolis, and it was awesome to explore that was really blown away by the Great Lakes region in so many ways.

  • With such a great variety for big cities with amazing architecture and great cultural scene to little towns in the countryside and beautiful lakes and beaches and places I never would have heard off.

I'm just back from the Great Lakes, which is a huge region in the middle of the U.

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