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(narrator) Give yourself a birthday present this year
– a better chance at having a birthday next year.
You may pump up balloons only once a year.
But your arteries are under pressure every second.
When your heart is pushing blood,
that’s the big number.
And at rest,that’s the small one.
Check your blood pressure every birthday
– at home, at a store,
or any medical visit.
If the push number is 140 or greater,
or the rest number is 90 or greater,
time to see your doctor, immediately.
You don’t want this surprise
[balloon breaks] pop
Because high blood pressure
can ruin the rest of your birthdays, permanently.
Check your blood pressure on every birthday.
If it’s high,
see your doctor and follow their advice,
so you can celebrate next year, too.
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Blood Pressure Explained Visually

528 Folder Collection
okapi published on June 7, 2014
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