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  • some of these folks wanna make you lock down.

  • Measures have brought on a difficult time for creatives all over the world.

  • But up and coming British singer songwriter Arlo Parks has managed to see the positive side.

  • Some of these folks wanna make speaking to Reuters, she said.

  • More time at home have been a blessing in terms of producing her music.

  • On keeping her connected to fans, she was able to complete her debut album in just a few weeks.

  • So it's almost this kind of incubation period where all I was doing was thinking about thinking about what I wanted to speak about, and listening to records on It was it was strangely, a blessing because it meant I could be completely immersed.

  • You know, I had no shoots or distractions.

  • I had nothing to do other than to sit down and write and think.

  • A Parks born an Ice Oliver toy, and Estelle Morino made her 2019 debut online by YouTube.

  • Music's Foundry, a global artist development program on is best known for her soulful indie pop singles, Black Dog Hurt and Cola A.

  • Although lock Down has prevented her from attending the live gigs she had planned for this year.

  • Disappointment hasn't held her back.

  • She feels grateful to have made progress on her album.

  • On Thinks Locked Down might have added a new layer to her music.

  • E think.

  • Maybe it kind of added, um or introspective tilt to the music on, but also gave me the opportunity to listen to a lot of other albums like From Start to Finish, which I wouldn't really have time to do usually, and so that kind of inspired me.

  • So I think it I mean, the record would definitely have been different in another world.

  • But I definitely think that that time in isolation, where I could really sit in kind of stew and in my art was definitely helpful.

  • Arlo Parks is new.

  • Single Green Eyes is out on her debut album, collapsed in some beams on January 29th next year.

some of these folks wanna make you lock down.

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