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Now that you've found me, My whole world is brighter
Now that you've touched me My steps are much lighter
I will defend you I'll keep you beside me
That's how I'll repay all the kindness you've shown
Searching in the dark, Scared and on my own,
Now that I have found you, I'll never be alone and...
Though we may part ways, This you can be sure,
You, I will remember, forever more.
I won't forget, You'll always be here in my heart,
There, you'll keep me strong.
Your memory is here,
To you, I will keep holding on...
Though, I'm afraid, and I want to take your hand...
I can now find courage, So on that I'll depend...And,
Though we may part ways, This won't be the end,
You, I will remember, you're my best friend.
Now that you've found me I've stumbled through fire
Now that you've touched me I've bloomed like a flower
Now that you're with me I no longer cower
In silence, hiding
I am fighting for you
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【Kanade】 『Promise of Reunion』 [Ib]

1449 Folder Collection
蒼宮瀬 published on June 7, 2014
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