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  • that's homered as well.

  • For that and a variety of reasons, he joins us now.

  • Congratulations on the wind.

  • Your home ring.

  • You're stealing bases.

  • You're making ridiculous catches in this postseason.

  • How much fun are you having as an individual playing this game right now?

  • A ton of fun.

  • Um, you know, I'm just just happy to be here with this group of guys.

  • They've made it so much fun for me and really easy for me.

  • I just kind of sit back and watch them play.

  • Our baseball historian, Karl Ravech, who probably got this from Tim Kurkjian, tells us that you and Babe Ruth are the only two in the history of World Series play toe walk and then still two bases in the same inning.

  • Did you consider stealing home to get Babe Ruth off you?

  • No, I didn't.

  • I was just needed to get the second so everybody could have some tacos.

  • You know that?

  • That's what, uh, that's what's important to me.

  • And then you got the third, and then you came in with what was a consequential run.

  • You ran right on contact.

  • Take us through that play.

  • It was just I knew I needed to get a decent Ah, decent primary lead and then secondary lead.

  • I needed to be ready.

  • Uh, you know, a soon as the ball hits the bat, um you know, like I said, I practiced it so many times in screen training throughout the season.

  • Um, just for this one moment, I was able to execute you make it sound kind of boring.

  • But you're one of the most exciting guys playing in the game right now.

  • Do you remember your other world?

  • Siri's home run a couple years back.

  • Who?

  • You hit it off?

  • Yeah, it was my only other one and off Kirsch way.

  • Never.

  • Definitely didn't bring that up, though.

  • Do you know what kind of picture?

  • Waas his signature slider.

  • It was actually good pitch.

  • Hey, just throw it right into the one place I could hit it.

  • Well, this time you're on his side.

  • It's got to be comfortable when he starts dealing.

  • Like the way he was for you guys to be out there.

  • Then you get a little leading the game gets a little more comfortable.

  • Yeah, When he was rolling like that, we knew all we had to do a score, a couple runs, and he was gonna hold him.

  • And, uh, I know they scored a couple of runs late, but, you know, we were able to hold him off.

  • And no one.

  • Game one.

  • Where do you feel you stand in all time?

  • Mookie's right now.

  • There's Mookie Blaylock.

  • There's you, uh, Mookie From Do the right thing like you feel you're up the top of this point.

  • I feel like we're close.

  • I was named after Mookie Blaylock, so he's got to be ahead of me.

  • Um, Mookie do the right thing.

  • I don't know what his last name, but I just know it's Mookie.

  • He, uh he was known before me.

  • So I may, I guess I'm third since I'm the third one.

  • But, uh, you know, I'm just happy to be a part of Cem Cem, great Mookie's and Mookie Blaylock, the former name of the band Pearl Jam, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  • Uh, you guys had to struggle so much to come back in your last Siri's to get there.

  • Did you guys have a kind of a different comfort level like Hey, we're happy to be here.

  • Let's just go have fun and play relaxed.

  • Yeah, it was like you said, the struggle to get here a lot of emotions.

  • A lot of I took a lot out of us, you know, getting through that last Siri's.

  • And now we're here now, you know, just enjoy it and, uh, see what happens.

  • It's happening.

  • So far, so good for you guys.

  • The 10 lead.

  • Thanks for joining us on the show.

  • Congratulations.

  • Yes, sir.

  • Thank you.

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that's homered as well.

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