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  • new Clippers head coach Ty Lue has his work cut out for him.

  • Fans never got the battle of L.

  • A that many of us were hoping for after the Clippers blew a 31 lead to Denver.

  • Regardless of where the blame lands, though, we do expect to see some changes to this roster.

  • We know that Kawai and Paul George will be back, but the Clippers will have some offseason decisions to make.

  • Mantra is Harold and Marcus Morris are both unrestricted free agents, and they don't have a traditional point guard on the current roster.

  • So, Paul, what's the missing ingredient from this Clippers, You know, for me watching them and watch how they kind of, like imploded from losing a 31 lead.

  • I thought they had all the pieces, but I just thought they lack that on court leadership.

  • That guy, that player that was gonna be in the locker room during halftime and we're up 16 the second time.

  • That was gonna be like, Look, we can't blow this game, guys, we did it before.

  • It's not gonna happen again, and I'm not sure anyone did that or the person that did that was probably not well respected amongst the group.

  • And so I just thought they were missing that.

  • And I think it should have came from coal while Paul George I don't know if they did or didn't, but it just clearly looked like they were lacking leadership.

  • Well, it's funny because you and I were doing halftime of Game six after they had already blown with one game, 16 point Lee and we were like going, How is this happening?

  • Like we couldn't believe what was happening that day.

  • It wasn't the talent.

  • It was like.

  • Leadership plays an important part and winning the championship, and I just thought they lack that.

  • I mean, yeah, no, it always feels good when the Hall of Famer has the same opinion as you dio.

  • They need veteran leadership, and, you know one of these you hear veteran leadership.

  • Usually when we talk about young teams, right teams with a bunch of first or second year players and Yvette leadership, this team needed bet leadership.

  • I think about what you Don has has, um, did for the Miami Heat in the finals.

  • They don't have it.

  • You don has has them to do that someone who could literally cuts out the entire team, coaches included, and everyone is going to be quiet and listen and respect those words.

  • That individual doesn't exist in that locker room.

  • I guess technically quite could do that.

  • But I think we know at this 0.8 years, nine years into his career, that's not who he is, and that's not who he's ever gonna be.

  • So they need to go out and find someone.

  • Doesn't matter if they play a whole lot of minutes for him.

  • It has to be someone who is respected university in that locker room and can have those tough conversations.

  • Like Paul said, When you're in that hole, when you're in that muck of man, we're blowing this.

  • You need someone to pull our heads out of our you know, where's what is Pat Beverly's role then and that?

  • I mean, clearly, we know he's an amazing defensive player, right?

  • Like, and he's a timely shooter, but he seems to be kind of that emotional vocal leader.

  • At least waas in the previous generation of the Clippers.

  • Paul Well, I mean, yeah, I think he is an emotional leader.

  • I think he is one of the leaders.

  • But, you know, it's a guy they totally respect.

  • He showed some in maturity over there when doing all the laughing and joking when Dan Lillard, you know, missed the free throw so he might have lost some respect for that after they got bumped off.

  • You know, after you know Portland got bumped, it's like you lose kind of respect for a guy who does that laughing and giggling and not taking the job serious on the sidelines as well as you do on the court.

  • Now Guy that comes to mind is a Rajon Rondo.

  • He'll be a free agent.

  • I think the Clippers really need to look into a guy like that.

  • He could be a guy that could be a locker room presence.

  • Ah, two time champion and somebody anybody is going to respect in there.

  • Yeah.

  • No.

  • Like what?

  • Paul's talking about it.

  • This is a serious person we're talking about, Right?

  • Rondo is a great name.

  • Uh, in the years passed David West.

  • Jameer Nelson, like these are serious dudes.

  • They are professional dude to show up, and I don't know, Patrick Beverley fits that mold in the sense that this also a guy that when you ask him who's the hardest, gotta guard, he says.

  • Nobody A to that point, it's like I get it.

  • That's great for your own individual survival in this league.

  • But in terms of being a leader in the locker room, you gotta be someone who's basketball.

  • Opinion is respected because people think you are serious about what you're saying, and it's not just I'm crazy.

  • You don't wanna mess with me like that.

  • That doesn't get it done, either.

  • Like again.

  • We go back to you, Donna's Haslem, and nobody's confusing you.

  • Don has has them for a 15 20 minute a game guy, but he's when he speaks.

  • Everybody listens, and that's something.

  • You know it when you meet these players, who are the guys that fit that mold and who are the guys that don't well on?

  • The Rondo thing is interesting because he fits the leadership void and someone to organize them.

  • They do need, I think, a more traditional point guard in times where things get a little haywire potentially on the floor.

new Clippers head coach Ty Lue has his work cut out for him.

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