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  • now Marwa and Suffer were born in Pakistan back in 2017.

  • They were conjoined twins.

  • Babies joined at the head.

  • It's a very rare condition.

  • They were later flown to London for treatment, and after more than 50 hours of surgery and months of hospital care at Great Ormond Street, they were finally ready to go home.

  • Our medical editor, Fergus Walsh, spoke to the family before they left.

  • Okay, Oh, twin sisters with a special bond.

  • Yeah, it's now just over a year and a half since Safa and Marwa were separated to suffer.

  • That's it, that Z Tamara.

  • They're still having physical therapy, which they clearly enjoy.

  • But they've bean through a lot to get here, and neither has emerged unscathed.

  • Theo girls were born, joined at the head and extremely rare condition.

  • They'd never seen each other's faces.

  • The BBC followed their incredible journey as over four months they underwent more than 50 hours of surgery.

  • Safa and Marwa was skull was one long tube.

  • Their brains were misshapen and interconnected.

  • Separating them involved a huge team at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

  • With every stage, every stitch planned in minute detail.

  • All of it was paid for by a private donor.

  • Once the twins were finally separated, surgeons created a rounded skull for each of them using pieces of shared bone.

  • Thank you for their mother, Zeinab.

  • Surgeons are heroes.

  • This the moment she was told they'd both survived.

  • Road to recovery has been long on progress.

  • Slow nonetheless.

  • Zeinab was delighted to be taking them home at last.

  • Thanks to a lot, they have got very good progress, especially Marva.

  • Tha she only needs a little bit support for her toe.

  • Take the mobility her further and we will take a good care off suffer and hopefully she will start walking as well.

  • In theater, the surgeons had to make a near impossible choice, something using deep down there that I can't see at the moment, only one twin could receive some key blood vessels that nourished both their brains.

  • They were given to Marwa, the weaker twin.

  • But as a result, Safa had a stroke.

  • Safa now has permanent damage to her brain and may never walk.

  • I feel Ma'rwa has done really well and carries on making great progress.

  • So when I look at the whole family, yes, it was probably the right thing to do for the for the whole family.

  • But for suffer as an individual, I'm not so sure it's a decision that I made as a surgeon.

  • It's a decision that we made as a team on Bit's a decision we have to live with.

  • Does it still trouble you?

  • Yes, very much so.

  • I think it's always will.

  • Both girls have learning difficulties, but the families say they have no regrets on whatever the future holds.

  • Ma'rwa and Suffer will face it together.

  • Sisters and twins, but also separate individuals.

now Marwa and Suffer were born in Pakistan back in 2017.

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