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  • in Google slides.

  • It's possible to use shapes and lines to create diagrams from scratch, but you can also quickly and easily insert pre made ones.

  • There are a lot of presets to choose from, and they could be used to display all kinds of information to get started, go to insert, then diagram.

  • A new pain opens with several different types of diagrams to choose from.

  • In this example, I want to create an organizational chart so hierarchy will work best at the top.

  • You can change the number of levels in the diagram, and you can change the color for this example.

  • We'll start with the default settings to insert a diagram.

  • Just click on it and it will be added to the slide.

  • Now let's make some changes so that the diagram better matches the rest of the presentation.

  • You can close the diagrams pain to give yourself more room toe work.

  • To edit different parts of the diagram, you first have to select them, and this is not always a Z Z as it sounds.

  • To select the whole diagram, click an empty spot on the slide and drag a box around all of the elements in the diagram.

  • You can now move the whole diagram at the same time by clicking and dragging one of the elements.

  • You can also change the color.

  • The red is hard to see, so let's choose something else.

  • With everything still selected, go to border color and choose the color that you want.

  • This changes the color of the borders and of the lines connecting the boxes, but not of the text.

  • To be able to change the text color, you need to Onley.

  • Select the text boxes and not any of the other lines.

  • To do that, de select everything by clicking in an empty spot on the slide.

  • Then re select just the text boxes by holding down shift as you click each one.

  • Holding the shift key and clicking each item individually makes it easier to Onley.

  • Select exactly what you want.

  • With just the text boxes selected, you can now click text color and choose the color that you want.

  • I'll choose white again there.

  • This is starting to look pretty good.

  • Now let's edit the actual content to edit a text box, make sure that nothing is selected.

  • Then click the text that you want to edit.

  • The insertion point appears, and you can make your edits.

  • When you're done, click an empty area to de select the text box.

  • Okay, I've updated all the names in the diagram, but I need to make a structural change.

  • Jim Franks should actually be underneath Luis Ramirez.

  • Making this change is going to be a little tricky, so you might want to follow my steps exactly until you get some practice at it.

  • To move a box, click and drag it to where you want it.

  • Then click on the line to select it.

  • Handles appear at either end, and you can click and drag the handle that you want to move as you move over a box.

  • Anchor points appear for you to drop the handle onto they're thes.

  • Boxes are now connected.

  • If you want to add another box, the easiest way is to select a box, and it's connecting line, right.

  • Click and choose copy, then right click again and choose paste, Click and drag to move the new box.

  • Then hold shift and click the box so that just the line remained selected.

  • Now you can connect the floating handle to an anchor point on a box.

  • Once everything is connected, you can reposition the elements as needed.

  • As with most skills, learning to edit diagrams can be frustrating.

  • But with some practice you'll be able to create diagrams that look great and communicate what they're supposed to g c F global creating opportunities for a better life.

in Google slides.

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Google Slides: Inserting and Editing Diagrams

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