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  • Listen up, ladies.

  • I am tired of hearing certain things coming out of your beautiful mouth, and I need you to shut up about them forever.

  • One, stop saying self-deprecating things about yourself.

  • I don't tolerate other people talking shit about my friends.

  • So that includes you talking shit about my friend.

  • So the next time you find yourself saying, "I am so stupid." "Ugh! I'm just so ugly."

  • "I'm just like a horrible person."

  • You better shut that beautiful face and start treating yourself with the same courtesy and respect that you treat everyone else with, or else we're going to have a problem.

  • Stop dissing your appearance and your intelligence.

  • Stop dismissing your talents and your achievements.

  • And stop putting down and doubting in who you are is a human being because at this point, it's starting to insult the people who love you.

  • AKA me.

  • Two, stop defending the person who hurt you.

  • When you are tempted to make excuses for someone else's poor behavior.

  • "He was just really stressed."

  • "I know, but she doesn't mean it."

  • "They were just in a really tough spot."

  • Keep your amazing mouth shut.

  • If someone else treated you badly, that's on them.

  • Look, I know you're a compassionate goddess with real emotional intelligence

  • and therefore understand that this person hurting you is just an attempt for that person to dissolve their own hurt and to our projection of their pain on to you as a human being.

  • But that doesn't excuse the fact that they hurt you.

  • Everyone gets to make their own choices, and it's time to stop bending over backwards to accommodate those who have made the choice that you're not worth it to them.

  • Because at this point it's insulting to people who love you, aka you.

  • Three, stop being judgmental about other women for the sake of your ego's love of drama and chaos.

  • We do not need women policing, putting down or punishing other women.

  • As long as the woman in question is not harming others or herself, we should not be passing judgment on her actions.

  • So put your perfectly glossed lips together and keep them that way unless you're going to give this woman a "yass!"

  • I'm Anna Akana.

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Listen up, ladies.

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