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  • Hey, guys! What's going on? So I just recently  watched the new Mulan movie from Disney and  

  • the classic one was one of my favorites whenwas growing up so honestly I was a little bit  

  • disappointed by what Disney decided to do with  this new version and for that reason we decided  

  • to make a lesson for you today with the classic  one. This is a really fantastic movie to learn  

  • with guys and today we're going to look atscene first off with Eddie Murphy as Mushu the  

  • dragon a really hilarious character and then  we'll look at one of the classic songs that I  

  • know you're going to love learning with. So before  we jump into all of that I want to let you know  

  • that if you are new here every single week we make  new lessons with your favorite movies series and  

  • so much more so that you can understand fast  speaking natives without getting lost, without  

  • missing the jokes and without subtitles just  like our fan Vijay who says that thanks to our  

  • lessons he can now understand natives even when  we speak really fast and you can too all you have  

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  • Hey again I hope you're having a lot  of fun already and if you enjoy making  

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Hey, guys! What's going on? So I just recently  watched the new Mulan movie from Disney and  

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