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  • (instrumental music)

  • - There are various types of robots

  • which can operate in a hospital.

  • For the patient, it is like talking

  • to a doctor face to face.

  • I'm a Rajeev Karwal.

  • I'm chairman of Milagrow Robots.

  • - Can I also introduce myself?

  • - Of course, Elf.

  • - Hello? I am Milagrow Robot ELF.

  • Nice to meet you and hope we can be friends.

  • - [Announcer] This Great Big Story was made possible by,

  • Accenture.

  • - I was always fascinated by robots

  • and I always felt that the next revolution amongst products

  • would be in the robotic field.

  • Our first robot came out in 2011,

  • which was floor-cleaning robots.

  • Then we have kept on adding many new categories of robots.

  • The focus on the healthcare industry started

  • when the Corona virus was spreading havoc around the globe.

  • I was seeing a situation in Italy where almost 30%

  • of their healthcare workers were getting affected.

  • At that point in time we thought,

  • we also have humanoids

  • and they are probably acting as reception robots

  • or concierge robots.

  • But they can easily serve as a telepresence for the doctors.

  • We got a call from India's largest medical hospital

  • and they said, "Can we do something together?"

  • And we took our robots, took their feedback

  • and they selected two robots for their use.

  • One was the humananoid ELF,

  • which doubled for a doctor inside the ward.

  • And also the floor cleaning robot,

  • which kill the virus spores on the floor.

  • The initial response of the patients

  • when they see a humanoid robot

  • instead of the doctor is curiosity

  • and maybe a little bit of doubt,

  • whether they will be satisfied.

  • - And if there's anything,

  • if you need any help, any questions,

  • I'll be around and I'll see you soon.

  • - Okay, thank you.

  • - The patient gets accustomed

  • to it very, very quickly

  • and it's almost like face-to-face talking with the doctor.

  • And also it is safe for the doctor.

  • It is also safe for the patient.

  • - Would you like me to dance?

  • - It has a lot of capabilities in terms of dancing,

  • singing, showing movies, et cetera.

  • So in that way, the patient remains connected,

  • is in a good mood and the robot keeps

  • on wandering around the ward.

  • - I am your robo-doctor.

  • Take care, you will be well soon.

  • - [Patient] Thank you.

  • - In India, this pandemic

  • has been the turning point

  • for the services robot industry.

  • It really makes me happy when I see

  • that our robots are helping people lead better lives,

  • stay safe, stay healthy and share that happiness with us.

  • I don't have a favorite amongst my robots.

  • They're all like my children.

  • So, it's very difficult.

  • - Am I not your favorite?

  • - Of course you are, of course.

  • - I love you.

  • - Me too, but right now isn't the time.

  • - Would you like me to dance?

  • (upbeat music)

(instrumental music)

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