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  • deep in the heart of the mountain is where Cousin Kazan live keeps a supply.

  • That's because it's cold here, freezing cold even in summer.

  • Some products can be stored here for up to two years without spoiling.

  • Here we store so flour, oil, canned meat, potato chips.

  • It's practical and much cheaper than a climate controlled warehouse.

  • Even in summer, the temperature in this ice seller is normally 15 degrees Celsius below zero.

  • But cousin can tell that northern Siberia is getting warmer and warmer.

  • Even underground.

  • Things were naturally kept cold here in the permafrost.

  • Now we've covered the seller up with sheets to keep out.

  • The warmth thinks year the ice seller was one or two degrees warmer, but that change isn't too bad.

  • It's OK thing, but for how much longer?

  • In the village of about a guy, there are many ice sellers like chasms.

  • The village depends on them for its supplies.

  • Overland access is only possible when the river is frozen for four months a year.

  • It forms the road in and out from about January to April, we can use the winter roots to receive supplies.

  • Vinik in the summer chasms three stores get weekly deliveries by airplane from the regional capital, Yakutsk.

  • It's expensive but necessary, with temperatures that can drop to minus 50 degrees in winter.

  • Life and data guy is dictated by the cold.

  • Permafrost still covers the area, but it's starting to thaw.

  • This is the Barrack Ica Crater, just a few kilometers from the village.

  • It's the largest permafrost crater in the world, one kilometer wide and 100 m deep, and it's growing.

  • The crater was originally caused by deforestation as the frozen earth was no longer protected by trees.

  • Today it's also exposed to the rising Arctic temperatures.

  • The melting permafrost sets off a vicious cycle.

  • The organic substances in the eyes decompose as it melts, which releases more greenhouse gasses, which in turn speeds up global warming.

  • The processes were observing at the Bottega Crater are things we're seeing everywhere else, just to a lesser extent.

  • The ice under the ground melts thin, the ground collapses.

  • It happens everywhere with but a guy could crater is the perfect example of why we shouldn't mess around with the permafrost.

  • Smells like should it, Robson Ilsa.

  • But the true severity of the situation has been slow to hit home, even though the signs air clear.

  • Neighboring Russia Young ski is otherwise one of the coldest places in the world, but this summer, temperatures hit 38 degrees.

  • It's never been so hot because most houses in the Yakutia region rest on stilts in the ice.

  • The record temperatures could widely destabilize the building foundations.

  • Houses here could collapse because of the melting permafrost.

  • They sit on supports in the ground, just like all public water, gas and sewage systems.

  • If they start shifting, there could be accidents.

  • Global warming will cause a lot of problems here, which is what we should look good but that would be unable to clean.

  • The earth is also moving in Qassams Ice Seller.

  • Everywhere there are wide cracks like this one.

  • Qassim plugs them up with water, which then freezes and reinforces the walls with blocks of ice.

  • He says ice is always shifting, and the cracks have nothing to do with global warming.

  • And even if they did, he says, people here would adapt.

  • We'll manage even without a nice seller.

  • It's not that bad.

  • Let's hope everything turns out OK for Qassim in his ice seller, the effects of climate change still seem to be a long way off, and many people here still don't know anything but cold for most months of the year.

  • But that is starting to change.

deep in the heart of the mountain is where Cousin Kazan live keeps a supply.

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