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  • Uh huh.

  • Have you ever wondered if snakes fart?

  • How about a manatee?

  • Chimpanzees, sloths, center beats?

  • No.

  • Are you wondering now To fart or not to fart?

  • That is the question.

  • Well, it's a question anyway, one that zoologist Danny Robbiati has asked herself many, many times.

  • Hi, My name is Dr Danny Robbiati.

  • I'm a zoologist at the Zoological Society of London.

  • And I'm also an author of a number of books, including, Does it far?

  • Why?

  • A book about farts?

  • You might ask one day.

  • My brother said, Danny do snakes far a mixologist, So I'm kind of expected to know that kind of thing, But I realized I actually didn't know the answer.

  • S o.

  • I reached out on Twitter to someone who would.

  • David Steen, snake expert on, asked him do snakes part Andi.

  • He responded.

  • Sigh Yes.

  • After that, Danny was cooking with gas and other scientists got involved to its born A hashtag on.

  • In the true nature of science, I suggested we turn that hashtag into a spreadsheet so that scientists could refer to it later on on.

  • Then it got covered in the media on.

  • Then we got offered a book deal.

  • The book covers a wide variety of animals mammals, vertebrates, reptiles and birds and provides insight into which fart, which don't and which ones we still aren't sure about.

  • The information is explosive.

  • Honestly, I was really surprised about the amazing array of things that farts air used for in the Animal Kingdom.

  • It's absolutely incredible.

  • For example, manatees use farts for buoyancy, so they will let out gas from their rear end if they want to be less buoyant on that allows them to sink down in the water column.

  • Unfortunately, this means that if manatees get constipated, they've been noticed floating upside down with their tails in the air A Z, they can no longer fart out the gas they need to in order to sing.

  • Animals have also been known to use their farts for defense.

  • Some species of snake use a strategy called Chloe call popping, where they suck air into their claw waka, and they release it, which makes a loud, popping sound to deter predators.

  • Chimps.

  • They'll just let one rip anytime, anyplace.

  • It allows the scientists to find these animals in the forest.

  • If they can't see the chimps, they can listen out for the sound of their loud farts up in the tree tops and use them to locate the animals.

  • One of the animals where it was the most difficult to find out, whether they farted or not, was the sloth.

  • Instead of farting out gas, which is really difficult for US law because they only poo every three weeks, they instead re absorbed the gas from their gut and breathe out kind of like a heart filled breath.

  • Mhm.

  • And while flatulence is fun and fascinating, Danny thinks that farts have the potential to change the way we connect with the natural world.

  • E think In today's era, a lot of people are getting more disconnected from nature.

  • That's just a product of the way we live these days on.

  • I feel like if reading a book about farts exposes people to new animals and new amazing things that they do, then hopefully they'll want to preserve it more.

  • What a fart.

Uh huh.

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