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  • Mongolia is an extraordinary destination where travelers concede the traditions of the past still practiced.

  • Today on the country's vast steppe, Mongolia's nomadic culture is famous.

  • Visitors can sleep in a traditional gear tent, help round up the sheep, ride horses and simply get back to nature.

  • You'll find spectacular countryside, rugged mountains, clear lakes and abundant wildlife.

  • It's it's true wilderness experience that many people find so appealing.

  • What your horse race cheer on restless and archers listen to famous throat singing and devour a delicious Mongolian barbecue.

  • The whole community is involved in these traditional madam celebrations.

  • Of all the experiences you're likely tohave in Mongolia, the most memorable will be your visit to cares from the outside gas look like simple tents.

  • But step inside and you'll be surprised by the amount of furnishings and modern appliances are nomadic.

  • Family can have.

  • Mongolians have been traversing their country on horseback for thousands of years, and it's also a popular activity for visitors.

  • In the Gobi Desert is a spectacular expanse with two humped camels to ride dinosaur bone yards to explore and towering sand dunes that whistle when raped by high winds.

  • It may sound cliche aid But the truth is, you won't find a more hospitable people than the Mongols.

  • Further from the city, the more welcoming the reception.

  • High season runs June through August.

  • You can travel comfortably in May in September, but be aware some gear camps may be closed.

  • Travel costs in Mongolia could range from less than $50 a day.

  • If you enjoy countryside camping in a meal at a simple restaurant toe, over $140 a day for a top end hotel and a horse track with a professional outfitter.

  • Mongolia's provincial capitals are accessible by bus, although most visitors hire a guide and driver for countryside tours, with its vast and varied scenery.

  • Ah, hospitable nomadic culture, the spectacular Naadam Festival and the legacy of the great conqueror Genghis Khan.

  • Rough and Ready Mongolia is utterly unique and remains one of the world's last great adventure destinations.

Mongolia is an extraordinary destination where travelers concede the traditions of the past still practiced.

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