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  • in this video, we'll talk about the basics of browsing with chrome.

  • To visit a website or search the Web, find the address bar at the top of the screen in chrome.

  • This is sometimes called the Omni Box.

  • Begin typing any search terms, as you type Suggestions will appear, including potential Web searches.

  • You may also see websites you have previously visited or bookmarked.

  • You can type of full Web address and press enter or simply select one of the suggestions below.

  • Next to the address bar are the back and forward buttons, which allow you to move through pages you have recently viewed.

  • The refresh button will reload the current page.

  • You can use refresh when a website stops loading.

  • Sometimes you may want to have multiple Web pages open at the same time.

  • Tabs allow you to keep the pages organized within the same window.

  • Click the plus sign to open a new tab.

  • Now you can type any Web address or search terms in the address bar.

  • When you find a link, you can open it in a new tab without leaving the current page.

  • Just right.

  • Click the link, then select open link in new tab.

  • I'm going to open a few tabs right now to compare these shoes.

  • Click on a tab to view it.

  • When you're done reading a tab, just click the X to close it.

  • If you want to view two pages at the same time, you could move a tab to a separate window by clicking the tab and dragging it down.

  • Then you can arrange the windows however you want, and those are the basics of browsing with Crown G C F global, creating opportunities for a better life.

in this video, we'll talk about the basics of browsing with chrome.

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Browsing in Chrome

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