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  • Video vote Camp by business English part dot com Today's episode is the second of a two part series on business vocabulary related to the Internet technologies known as Web 2.0 Web 2.0 gives computer users around the globe more opportunities to interact and collaborate.

  • While many functions seems simple on the surface, there is much going on behind the scenes.

  • Programmers use open architectures and a P i s to design and build open source software and Web based applications.

  • Content management systems make it easier to make universal changes.

  • Toe websites Browsing through a blogged, we might see widgets or plug ins used to offer us updated information.

  • We can post text to forums, read other posts and see them collected together as threads or conversations.

  • And we use avatars to give us a visual presence online.

  • Even though these images might not match our true appearance.

  • Open architecture er open architecture.

  • The term Open Architecture describes a system that allows third parties to develop products for it.

  • A PC is an example of an open architectures system.

  • You can add components from any manufacturer using a system with open architecture will give us more flexibility.

  • A P I application programming interface Open a P I s or application programming interfaces provide a way for different software or services to communicate with each other.

  • This allows information from one site to display information from another website without having the user click away.

  • You can use Google's A P I to integrate their services into your website or programs.

  • Open Source.

  • Open source.

  • Open source refers to software that is freely available to be used or modified as a person sees fit.

  • The software is still licensed and any changes air usually submitted to the originator In a collaborative spirit.

  • Liu wants to try modifying some open source software for this project.

  • Web based application, Web based application, A Web based application is one that uses the Internet for part or all of its functions.

  • Web based email, wikis and online auctions are all examples of Web based applications.

  • Do we need to install software to the hard drive, or is this a Web based application content management system?

  • CMS, a content management system, or CMS, is server based software that allows a user to manage the behind the scenes assets of a website, including the text, audio and video displayed on the site.

  • Using a CMS makes it easier for a website owner to add or modify content because changes can apply to all pages at once.

  • WordPress, Dumler and Drew pols are three popular CMS packages that are all open source widget widget in Web two point out terminology A widget is a specialized application embedded in a Web page.

  • The information It offers updates automatically so that the website owner does not have to make changes.

  • We'd like to add a visitor counter tow our website.

  • Is there a widget for that plug in?

  • Plug in?

  • Plug in is similar to a widget, but refers specifically to the mini application that is plugged in or added to the main software that runs the website.

  • We're using a plug in to aggregate recent comments from different blog's and display them in a widget.

  • On our side.

  • Post Post Post could be used as a verb or a noun.

  • If you post to a website, you add content.

  • The content, you added, is your post.

  • I posted a comment on John's Blawg in response to his post about company strategy, thread, thread a thread is a group of sequenced messages or posts related to one topic on a website.

  • Threads Air found on blog's in forums and in news groups, among other places.

  • Jenny wanted to learn more about smartphones, so she started a thread on the tech gadget for him.

  • She got some great recommendations.

  • Avatar Avatar.

  • People use avatars to visually represent themselves in online forums, chats, blog's and social networking sites.

  • Avatars can be drawings, cartoons, photographs, etcetera.

  • If you're representing our company online, we ask that you have a professional looking avatar.

  • Now it's your turn to practice some of the words we've studied in this episode you'll hear a Siris of sentences with the word replaced with a beep.

  • Repeat the whole sentence but say the missing word.

  • For example, if you here Jason uses a picture of his German shepherd for his, you can say Jason uses a picture of his German shepherd for his avatar.

  • Will play an example.

  • Answer after each question.

  • Ready?

  • Let's begin.

  • Do we need to install software to the hard drive?

  • Or is this a Web based answer?

  • Do we need to install software to the hard drive or is this a Web based application?

  • According to the latest on the company Blawg.

  • They're going to close the Detroit office next month.

  • Answer.

  • According to the latest post on the company Blawg, they're going to close the Detroit office next month.

  • We decided to use open software for this project.

  • Answer.

  • We decided to use open source software for this project.

  • We'd like to add a to our website that will show the local weather.

  • Answer.

  • We'd like to add a widget tow our website that will show the local weather that on our forum has over 100 posts so far.

  • Answer.

  • The thread on our forum has over 100 posts so far.

  • This concludes our two part series on Web 2.0 terms.

  • You can visit our website at www dot business English pod dot com toe watch and download lots more videos on business English.

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Business English Technology Vocabulary for IT - Web 2.0

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